5 Travel Packing Tips

summertravelpackingSummer Travel Packing Tips Jet-setting can be a headache if you’re not packing smart. Here are some excellent summer travel packing tips to maximize suitcase space and ensure that you’re prepared for just about anything on the go.

Pack with Versatility in Mind: Save precious suitcase space when you choose versatile clothing items, such as pajamas that double as sportswear from Cool-jams™. You can also buy travel-friendly hats, shoes, umbrellas and other essential items that keep you prepped for adventure but don’t take up a large amount of space. Our travel-friendly pajamas some of which can  be worn to work-out are a great way to downsize your packing list.

Make a List and Check it Twice: Eliminate that dreaded feeling of worry on the way to the airport when you triple-check your packing list. Organize it by week-of (things you can pack ahead of time) and day-of (those items that you’ll need to grab before heading out the door, such as your phone charger and toothbrush) to ensure that you don’t forget anything.

Keep it Compact: If you travel a lot, it may be worth your while to pick up some travel-friendly clothing items, such as our travel pajamas, which are wrinkle-resistant and easy to fold down. Compact, wrinkle-proof clothing lets you arrive at your destination and get dressed without having to worry about steaming or ironing. Additionally, travel-sized cosmetics and hygiene products are great for saving space on short-term trips.

Use the Roll Technique: If you tend to over-pack, it may be worth your while to master the time-honored roll packing technique. Layer up on items and roll them on top of one another to save even more luggage space. This will also help prevent your clothes from getting too wrinkled when they’re stored in your luggage for long periods of time.