3 Ways To Curb Stress and Night Sweats

Stress and night Sweats
Stress and Night Sweats:  As you probably know, stress and anxiety are two of the biggest contributors to night sweats in both men and women. If you’re going through a particularly demanding few months at work or preparing for a big change in your life, you’re likely experiencing temporary stress-induced night sweats. If you have other anxiety symptoms, such as rapid heart rate and panic attacks, and have noticed that your night sweats have gone on for several months or years, then you could be experiencing anxiety-induced night sweats. Stress and anxiety causes night sweats because the body is responding to a stress-response (think “fight or flight”) which immediately causes the body to prepare for peril. This is why you often experience night sweats during nightmares. They may also occur due to stress-response hyper-stimulation, which means that your nervous system is not properly managing stress. Luckily, there are several things you can do to ward off stress-related night sweats to ensure that you get a good night’s rest and wake up dry, comfortable and in control. 
  • Cool Down — Transforming your bedroom into a cool, comfortable oasis with the help of cooling bedding can really help take the heat off those frustrating, stress-induced night sweats. You can also invest in a set of temperature-regulating pajamas for women and men that use Cool-jams™ proprietary smart technology to help keep you cool and dry all night.
  • Get the Right Treatment — If you believe that your stress and anxiety is chronic and not triggered by a particularly stressful life event (adjusting to a big promotion or project at work, preparing for a looming life change or planning a big event, for example) then it may be time to consider talking to your doctor about anxiety treatment. The right medication will help deter physical symptoms such as night sweats, rapid heartbeat and difficulty breathing.
  • Change Your Bedtime Routine — Before you settle in for the night, try to introduce some calming behaviors into your pre-sleep regimen to help encourage a stress-free night of sleep. Whether you prefer meditation, calming sleep sounds or looking at photos of peaceful places, getting in the right mindset is key to helping cut out those stress-fueled night sweats.