4 Ways To Sleep Cool In The Summer

Cool pjs for summer
Now that the weather is heating up in most parts of the country, many people struggle with hot flashes, night sweats and other uncomfortable temperature issues in the nighttime. While adjusting your thermostat and switching to a lighter blanket may help a bit, many people have issues that are more difficult than that. Want to really get your temperature under control this summer? Try these simple tips for sleeping cool, only from the Cool-jams™ blog.
  • Try a different type of bedding. While silk sheets and other lightweight styles of bedding seem cool and comfortable in theory, they can still cause you to overheat during the night. Instead, you might want to try out a sheet and blanket set that’s designed especially for combating night sweats. Cool-jams™ carries all kinds of temperature regulating bedding that can keep you cool during even the hottest temperatures with its proprietary formula. Cooling blankets and bed covers regulate your body temperature, while eco-friendly bamboo sheets keep you cooler and wick moisture.
  • Switch to moisture wicking pajamas. Instead of wearing the same style of pajamas all year round, you may need to switch to something more serious come summertime. Cool-jams™ offers a wide selection of special pajamas made with a proprietary, moisture wicking fabric. There are even a number of pajamas with shorter hemlines and no sleeves that are perfect for hot summer weather. Try the one of our sleeveless nightgowns or if you prefer a PJ set, the moisture wicking cami short sets.
  • Adjust your bedroom temperature. Not only does lowering the temperature in your bedroom keep you cool while sleeping, it may even help you to sleep in general. Studies prove that the ideal sleep temperature is between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit, so if you usually keep your home at a comfortable 70 degrees, you may want to lower it to 68 degrees when you hit the hay.
  • Circulate the air in your bedroom. Place a tower fan in front of your bed so that is rotates across the bed and circulates the air. This will aid in keeping the room temperature comfortable. This works especially well with the Cool-jams wicking sleepwear because it will help the sleepwear to wick and dry even faster with the air circulation.