6 Ways To Know If You're Having a Hot Flash

Am I having a hot flash- how to know?
When they first start happening, hot flashes may not be quite as dramatic as you might expect. In fact, many pre-menopausal women aren’t even entirely sure that they’re having a hot flash at all, especially if they don’t know the types of symptoms to look for. Here are a few surefire ways to tell the signs and symptoms of hot flashes.
  • Feelings of warmth in your upper body and face. Because hot flashes tend to affect the upper region of your body and head more than the rest of your body, concentrate on these areas when you’re wondering if you’re having a hot flash — or if you’re just hot.
  • A wave-like feeling. Unlike when you have a fever or feel hot from the weather, hot flashes come in waves. You’ll likely feel like the feeling of heat is rushing over your body (hence the word “flash”).
  • Red, flushed skin. Many women don’t realize that hot flashes don’t just affect your temperature, they present themselves on the skin as well. It’s common for women experiencing a hot flash to have red, flushed skin on the face and chest that’s often blotchy or irregular.
  • A rapid or increased heartbeat. Monitor your heartbeat when you start to feel hot. If it starts to increase or become very rapid, you could be having a hot flash.
  • Perspiration. Just like when you become too hot outdoors on a summer day, hot flashes also come with a bit of perspiration. Your body will try to cool you down when your temperature rapidly increases, which causes damp, chilly perspiration on the skin.
  • Chills. Once the hot flash subsides and your skin is clammy with sweat, you may feel a rush of chills as your temperature starts to regulate itself again.