4 Night Sweats Sleep Solutions

Whether you suffer from night sweats due to menopause, cancer treatments or simply from temperature control issues, you likely know that they can be both uncomfortable and embarrassing. That's why Cool-jams created an entire selection of pajamas and bedding dedicated to wicking away moisture from the skin and even combating night sweats before they start. Use this handy Night Sweats Sleep Solution Buyers Guide to help you decide which products are right for you.
1. A moisture-wicking pajama set. Start off with a moisture-wicking pajama set in styles for both men and women. These products are designed by Cool-jams using our own proprietary technologies that were initially developed for the Canadian military. These materials wick away moisture while still feeling soft, lightweight and breathable, which makes them a far superior alternative to the usual cotton or polyester pajamas. Best of all, the lightweight feel of our wicking pajamas even makes them a great choice to bring along while traveling.

2. A cooling mattress cover. If you can't figure out exactly what is causing your night sweats, it may be the heat coming from your thick, foam mattress topper. Replace it with one of Cool-jams' cooling mattress covers to help absorb the excess heat coming from your body and even provide a shield against sweat while you sleep. Simply slide them right over your existing mattress to maintain your preferred comfort while combatting annoying night sweats.

3. Cooling sheets and blankets. While your night sweats likely come from a medical condition or aging, using a heavy set of sheets and blankets certainly doesn't help. Instead, replace them with a set from Cool-jams that is designed especially to wick away moisture from the skin and leave you free of discomfort of night sweats.

4. A cooling pillow and pillow cover. Finally, give your head and face the amazing feeling of a cool pillowcase all night long. If you usually find yourself flipping your pillow multiple times in the night to reach its "cool side", these items will wick away moisture and cool your skin without any effort from you.

Almost all of Cool-jams sleepwear items and bedding solutions provide protection against night sweats, which make them great choices no matter what types of sleep issues you suffer from.