4 Tips To Manage Hot Flashes While on the Road

hotflashes menopauseWhether you frequently travel for work or you’re planning an international vacation with your family, having hot flashes is a major concern for travelers. It’s much easier to manage these symptoms at home, where you can control the room’s temperature and your nighttime routines, but it can be a challenge to create a restful sleep environment in an unfamiliar place. If you’re feeling nervous about managing your hot flashes on an upcoming trip, all you need is a bit of helpful advice — and some essential sleepwear items from Cool-jams. Use these tips to prevent hot flashes before they start, even when you’re miles away from home.
  • Adjust the temperature. Today, it’s possible to control the temperature in just about every hotel room. Before you hit the sack on your trip, be sure to turn down the temperature a couple of degrees, as many doctors say that this is the optimal environment for finding restful sleep.
  • Pack your moisture-wicking pajamas. Cool-jams offers moisture-wicking pajamas for both men and women that are essential for anyone suffering from hot flashes or night sweats. These innovative pajamas are made with a unique moisture-wicking fabric that pulls sweat away from the skin and dries incredible quickly, making you feel as though you were never sweating at all. They also prevent the bacteria that causes odor, so you’ll wake feeling fresh and clean, no matter how much you sweat in the night. These pajamas are very lightweight and wrinkle-resistant, which makes them easy to fold and tuck away in a suitcase or overnight bag. They can even play double-duty as workout gear if you’re short on space.
  • Stick to your nighttime routine. While you’re traveling, you’ll want to stick to your usual bedtime routine as much as possible to encourage restful sleep. Go to bed and wake up at the same times that you normally do, and allow for an hour or so of relaxing down-time without your phone or computer before you drift off. Because stress plays a major role in hot flashes, it’s important to stay relaxed.
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine. Though you may want to indulge a bit while traveling, be careful not to overdo it with the alcohol or the coffee. Studies show that these chemicals make night sweats and hot flashes worse, so be sure to limit yourself.