Lightweight Temperature Regulating Blankets vs Down Comforters

Are you having difficulty deciding on the perfect cooling blankets for your bed or comforter for your unique sleep needs? If you struggle with hot flashes or fluctuations in temperature between you and your partner, a temperature-regulating blanket could be just the solution. Compared to traditional blankets, such as heavy down comforters, these types of blankets are much more breathable and conducive to your specific needs.

A down comforter is a nightmare for people who struggle with hot flashes and night sweats. These incredibly warm, padded comforters are filled with the soft feathers from geese and other birds, which locks in heat underneath and creates uncomfortable temperatures for anyone who frequently overheats while sleeping. If you sleep with a spouse or partner, the down comforter is even worse; when two bodies are underneath this thick blanket, you’ll often find that your temperatures vary drastically and touching one another becomes almost unbearable.

Lightweight, temperature-regulating bedding is a modern alternative to the traditional down comforter. This style of blanket is a must-have for anyone who becomes too hot during the night, as it absorbs heat from your skin and evens out your temperature while you sleep. Cool-jams™ creates some of the most innovative, reliable cooling blankets on the market today, and they all use our proprietary fabric that absorbs warmth when you overheat and releases it back into the skin when you start to cool down. The result is a technologically advanced blanket that is just as soft and comfortable as a down comforter, but without the uncomfortable extreme temperatures and night sweats. Lightweight blankets are ideal for hot summer weather, but if you still want the coziness of a thick blanket during the colder months, we also offer temperature regulating comforter style blankets that will keep you warm without making you feel too warm. Trade in your down comforter for something more suited to your temperature needs and watch as your quality of sleep drastically improves almost immediately.