2 Ways to Revamp Your Sleeping Situation to Stay Cool

Night sweats, or hyperhidrosis, is excessive sweating that happens while an individual sleeps. This irritating condition affects many adults by keeping them from getting the comfortable and uninterrupted night of sleep they need. The problem can be especially bad during warm summer nights when you just can't seem to get cool enough. It is also very common amongst menopausal women. So how do you sleep cooler? Conquer your sleep sweat problem by revamping your bedding and pajamas, and replacing them with alternatives made from moisture-wicking fabric.

Change out Your Bedding

The first step to achieving a cool and dry night of sleep is to change out your old sheets and other bedding. This is especially important if you're currently using bedding that is made from low-quality synthetic fabric or another material that isn't made to be breathable. You'll be able to change out everything besides the mattress itself with the cooling bedding available from Cool-jams™. We offer temperature-regulating blankets, sheets, pillows and mattress pads. We also offer bamboo bedding if you prefer all-natural material.

Cool-jams™ temperature-regulating bedding is made to keep you at the perfect temperature all night. If you tend to sleep too hot, it pulls heat away from your body. These technologically advanced sheets then store that excess heat and release it back to you when you get too cool. This means that, not only will they keep you from getting too hot, they'll also keep you from getting too cold. Our bamboo bedding is slightly different in that it provides moisture-wicking technology rather than temperature regulation. It pulls sweat and heat away from your body in order to keep you cool. It's also hypoallergenic, odor-resistant and antimicrobial.

Buy Moisture-Wicking Pajamas

Once you've changed out your bedding, you can finish revamping your sleeping situation by wearing a set of  Cool-jams™ pajamas. These high-tech pajamas are made from our proprietary polyester microfiber material. This fabric was specially developed to include moisture-wicking properties, regulate your temperature and dry quickly. It is also breathable, washable and antimicrobial. You'll also love the way it feels when you wear it because it's designed to feel just like soft cotton. However, these sweat management pajamas are made to last six times longer than regular cotton pajamas.

Note: Night sweats can be an indication of a more severe medical problem. Be sure to consult a doctor if you are experiencing excessive nighttime sweating.