4 Ways To Reset Your Sleep Cycle While Traveling

travelsleepUsually, when someone plans a big trip, they look forward to it for weeks. However, the time difference can be a major shock to the system. If travelers don’t deal with it properly, they can end up missing out on some of the fun. To make sure your travel experiences aren’t tainted by jet lag, use this guide to reset your sleep cycle on the go. Don’t Nap Naps are the enemy of changing your sleep schedule. When you arrive at your destination, immediately change your watch to local time. Then, go to sleep when you normally would, even if that means staying up longer or going to bed early in reference to when you got up that morning. If you need help staying awake, you can use some caffeine but don’t overdo it. Avoid drinking any caffeine once evening hits. For those who need help falling asleep earlier than normal, consider doing a rigorous workout during the day and reading a boring book in bed to help you fall asleep. Create a Sleepy Setting Once it’s time to go to bed, you’ll want to increase your chances of getting a good night’s rest by creating the ideal sleep environment. Here are a few tips:
  • Block out all light from your bedroom.
  • If you like white noise, use an app on your phone or turn on a fan.
  • If you need silence, use earplugs.
  • Use comfortable travel pajamas and bedding.
Wake Up to the Light Mornings should be filled with light to help your body adjust to the time change. Open the curtains wide when you wake up. Head out into the daylight early on to feel more alert and awake. Time Your Meals When arriving at your destination, you should start eating according to local time. That may mean two breakfasts in an eight-hour period. The important thing is to stick to the local schedule for both eating and sleeping habits. In addition, you can help settle into your revised sleep cycle by calculating when you want to wake up the following day. Stop eating 12 to 16 hours before that time; your body will be more alert in the morning since you’ll be hungry for breakfast. Use these tips to make sure your sleep cycle doesn’t hold you back from a great travel experience.