How Moisture Wicking Clothing Works

There is no better way to combat night sweats and night-time hot flashes than with a pair of Cool-jams™ moisture-wicking pajamas. But how does moisture-wicking fabric and clothing work? Our revolutionary fabric is made especially to keep you dry and at the perfect temperature throughout the entire night. They're also anti-microbial to battle odor and fiber degradation. These features, paired with the pajama's anti-wrinkle properties, make Cool-jams™ the perfect pajamas for traveling and everyday use. Knowing that our pajamas help with night sweats is great, but how, exactly, does moisture-wicking fabric work? Here's the run-down.

Cool-jams™ pajamas are made from a fabric that utilizes Moisture Transference System (MST) microfiber technology. The science behind this system begins with the specific pattern that is used to knit the fabric's threads together. This pattern allows moisture to move through the material at a much higher speed than most fabrics. The MST technology works as a three-step system. First, moisture is absorbed from your skin to the fabric as you perspire. It's moved to the outer layer of clothing through moisture wicking. Second, the moisture is spread over the surface of the fabric. Finally, the disbursed moisture evaporates into the outer air and is removed from your body altogether. This process happens at a much quicker rate than with traditional fabrics that do not include moisture-wicking technology.

The moisture transference system of Cool-jams™ pajamas also includes capillary action and airflow management. Maximization of capillary action is the increased attraction between the molecules of moisture and the molecules of the fabric. This means that our fabric has an increased ability to absorb moisture from your body. The airflow can also be manipulated to suit different conditions. By reducing or accelerating airflow, we can make our pajamas cooler for warm weather or warmer for cold weather. All of these different moisture-wicking features come into play to create extremely comfortable Cool-jams™ sleepwear. Try it for yourself to get a great night's sleep at the perfect temperature and without the annoyance of night sweats.