4 Reasons Cancer Might Cause Night Sweats

Night sweats
There are many common causes of night sweats, which can lead to uncomfortable nights of sleep (or lack of sleep) for many people. Many people believe that frequent night sweats are a sign of cancer, and while this is somewhat based on fact, it’s not necessarily always true. Here are some facts about how cancer relates to overheating and night sweats.
  • Sweating at night is not the same thing as night sweats. Before you start to worry that your night sweats are a sign of something much more serious, you should know that simply waking up a bit sweaty doesn’t mean that you have true “night sweats.” This ailment only refers to a condition that causes you to wake up completely soaked in sweat, with your bedding soaked through as well.
  • Night sweats are associated with certain types of cancer. That being said, many other ailments (such as menopause and certain drug side effects) are far more likely to be the reason behind your night sweats. In fact, menopause is the number one reason behind most cases of night sweats.
  • Night sweats can be a sign of certain types of cancer, particularly lymphoma. Many doctors notice night sweats before they’re able to detect other common signs of cancer, which can make this a smart way to diagnose a person with cancer as quickly as possible.
  • If you’re concerned about your night sweats, don’t jump to the cancer conclusion immediately; instead, pay a visit to your doctor. He or she will first perform a blood test to determine the cause of your sweating. Make sure to alert your doctor of any medications that you’re taking, as certain medications can also cause night sweats and hot flashes during the night.