Cooling Comforters for Night Sweats

Cool Duvet covers for night sweats

Night sweats, also known as sleep hyperhidrosis, are a common ailment for everyone from women going through menopause to those suffering from infectious diseases and cancer. This stubborn symptom is a result of a spike in hormones which causes the body to heat up, triggering excessive sweating and discomfort at night. Cool-jams™ recommends investing in a cooling comforter to help regulate your body’s temperature during sleep and to help improve comfort during episodes. When your body operates at a normal temperature, you’ll be able to sleep well no matter what. The fact of the matter is, severe hot flashes and night sweats can compromise your ability to sleep and drench your sheets in sweat.

The appropriate cooling bedding gives the body the tools it needs to better regulate temperature and keep you cool, dry and collected during the most intense night sweats. You’ll wake up feeling dry and refreshed after a particularly hot night with moisture-wicking bedding from Cool-jams™. For cooler temperatures, it’s best to pick up a cooling duvet cover and cooling sheets so that your body is warm when you’re cold and cool when you’re hot.

The Best Temperature Regulating Comforter Cover: Customers love our Cooling Bamboo duvet covers and coverlets made with our unique, cooling bamboo fabric which regulates the body temperature and provides superior moisture management. Although it looks and feels like a normal comforter, this cooling blanket is equipped with advanced textile technologies that help reduce the humidity that builds up beneath your sheets. Additionally bamboo is a sustainable fiber to help reduce your carbon footprint. We always recommend pairing this comforter with cooling bamboo sheets, pillows and pillowcases for an even better sleep environment.