8 Best Gifts For Cancer Patients

8 best gifts for people who have cancer

Do you have a friend or relative battling cancer? It is always difficult trying to figure out the perfect gift. Now that the holidays are arriving, we are all looking for some thoughtful ideas. It can be extremely difficult to find a gift for someone with cancer, who  might be feeling a bit sad and defeated. As a three-time cancer survivor who has received some of the best gifts possible, I'd  like to share some ideas with you, based on my experiences and those of many others who have experienced the same thing. Here’s my list…

1. A funny movie or tickets to a light musical : Cancer patients need to laugh. There have been studies done on the healing powers of laughter, who knows if it works, but I do know that laughter can get you out of yourself.

2. Offer to babysit one night a week. Cancer is traumatic and time-consuming, and cancer patients need all the help they can get. Downtime and rest is important, so the offer of babysitting if they have small children is greatly appreciated.

3. Hire A Maid Service to come in every other week. If they do laundry even better! This is a super gift of love for the over tired, over anxious cancer patient.

4. A comfortable nightgown or pair of PJs. When we have cancer, we may sleep more   Lots of things like  anxiety , pain and  night sweats keep us awake  and it's always nice  to have something new and comfy to wear. Make sure the fabric is super soft; I really like wicking pajamas because so often people with cancer suffer from night sweats. You can find them online at Cool-jams.com

5. A beautiful music CD or Sleep Meditation: Sometimes we just need to turn off and listen to some gentle music.  Make sure it is upbeat and soothing. I love some of the new age artists. If you do a google search for sleep meditations or new age music, you'll come up with a list of possibilities.

6. A gift certificate for a foot or body massage. Everyone loves the soothing comfort of hands kneading our tense muscles. And touch itself can be deeply healing. It can be difficult to find the time for a massage when you have cancer, so schedule a time for your loved one’s massage. I promise that they will enjoy this gesture.

7. Healthy Dinners Once a Week for a year. I know this sounds like a huge effort, but it is greatly appreciated. You don’t always feel like eating and cooking when you’re sick. It is great for the cancer patient and their family to have dinner brought once a week especially if it is   healthy, fresh, and delicious.  This gesture also shows you believe your friend or loved one will be around a year from now.

8). Organic Fruit of the Month: What could be better than a box of juicy delicious fresh fruit every month? Giving it for the year, sends a positive affirmation that the patient will be around to enjoy this gift.