10 Worst Menopause Symptoms

10 worst menopause symptoms
During menopause, a woman’s body stops having menstrual periods and is no longer able to conceive a baby. With such a dramatic change comes a number of other symptoms, which normally begin in the perimenopause phase and go all the way until the transition into menopause is completed. While not all women experience every menopausal symptom, there are a number that are fairly common. Here are just 10 of the most common changes that women go through during menopause.
  1. Spotting. Just because menopause marks the end of a woman’s menstrual cycle doesn’t mean that your period will stop right away. It’s normal to experience some spotting.
  2. Irritability. Because menopause involves dramatically decreasing levels of estrogen, you may feel like you’re going through a very severe bout of PMS. It’s normal to feel incredibly irritable, and many women also report dramatic mood swings and changes.
  3. Fatigue. Just like with PMS, menopause also comes with its fair share of fatigue. You may feel like you’re running on empty at numerous points throughout the day, but this is all just a symptom of menopause.
  4. Hot flashes. Perhaps the most common complaint from menopausal women is about the hot flashes. This occurs when your body suddenly feels overwhelmingly hot and flushed, as if a wave is rushing over your skin. You may also feel slightly sweaty during a hot flash.
  5. Night sweats. Along with hot flashes, menopausal women also experience night sweats while sleeping. This happens when you wake up completely soaked in sweat, and oftentimes, even your pajamas and bedding will be soaked through.
  6. Unfortunately, anxiety is another common symptom of menopause. You’ll find yourself feeling overwhelmed and stressed out about very minor things, but many doctors prescribe anti-anxiety medications to help with this symptom.
  7. Breast tenderness. You may notice that your breasts feel tender and sore to the touch during menopause, just like during PMS or pregnancy.
  8. Vaginal dryness. It’s not uncommon for your vaginal area to dry out and become less lubricated while undergoing menopause.
  9. Urine leaks. Many women report urine leaks and the inability to control the flow of urine, especially while laughing or coughing.
  10. Difficulty concentrating. Another mental symptom of menopause is a feeling of being scatterbrained or having difficulty concentrating. This may feel like rapid aging, but in most cases, it evens itself out after menopause is reached.