Have Night Sweats?

Wicking sleepwear is the best solution for you. The moisture is pulled away from the skin to the outside of the fabric and dries quickly, thus minimizing temperature swings….plus will stay a few degrees cooler than conventional sleepwear. You might also consider our wicking bamboo bedding which naturally wicks away moisture and stays a few degrees cooler than traditional cotton sheets. 

Need Quick Dry Travel PJs?

travel pajamas

Our Cool-jams wicking sleepwear is perfect for travel. Not only will you stay temperature regulated in warm climates, but also warm enough in cool climates. Cool-jams are compact, lightweight, quick drying, wrinkle resistant and stays fresh for days without washing. If you do need to wash, just rinse in soapy water, wring out in a towel and hang to dry. The travel sleepwear will be ready to wear by evening. 


Travel Sleepwear

Have A Hot Foam Mattress?

Although foam mattresses are super comfortable, they also tend to get really hot!  Try using temperature regulating mattress pad, cooling pillow and temperature regulating sheets. These products will cool off that hot foam mattress so you can enjoy the comfort of the foam mattress, but stay more temperature regulated.

Are You Overheated at Night?

Do you live in a warm climate or just plain get overheated while sleeping. Some of us run hot and some of us run cold.  Temperature regulating bedding will help keep you cooler while sleeping, but you’ll never be too cool since the fabric is designed to continuously balance the temperature in your bed. There are a variety of temperature regulating products to include sheets, pillows, coverlets and mattress toppers that you can use.