About Bamboo Bedding

Key Features of Rayon From Bamboo Bedding:

Super soft: All linens are not created equal! Cool-jams™ is proud to offer 300 thread count bamboo bed sheets - the highest count possible in bamboo fabrics without losing the natural benefits. Soft to the touch with a smooth, silky feel, they are most comparable to 1,000 thread count Pima cotton.

Hypo-allergenic: Bamboo fibers are spun as round and as fine as hair, making them feel extremely smooth against the skin. People who suffer from skin sensitivities will feel comfortable with our non-abrasive linens. Our manufacturing process uses no harsh chemicals that can cause skin irritation.

Temperature-regulating: The microstructure of our rayon from bamboo products help you sleep at the perfect temperature all throughout the night, regardless of whether you are a hot or a cold sleeper. Our fabric is composed of individual bamboo fibers that contain micro-gaps and holes, making them highly breathable and ventilated.

Odor-resistant: There is a natural antimicrobial agent in bamboo called "bamboo kun". This bacteriostatic bio-agent allows bamboo to naturally thrive in the wilderness without the use of fertilizers or pesticides. These remarkable antibacterial and antimicrobial attributes allow the bamboo linens and blankets to be odor- and mildew-resistant.

Eco-friendly: Bamboo, one of the earth's most sustainable resources, is amazingly fast growing: up to 3 feet per day! Bamboo plays a critical role in the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide. It releases 35% more oxygen and takes in five times the volume of greenhouse gases as an equivalent stand of timber trees. Bamboo is praised as "the natural, green and eco-friendly textile material of the 21st century" because of all of its amazing qualities.

Moisture-wicking: Rayon from bamboo linens naturally wick moisture away from the body to the outside of the fabric to provide excellent thermal regulation. You'll stay dry and comfortable, as the bamboo fabric evaporates moisture from your skin three times faster than cotton or any other natural fiber. The same qualities that give bamboo fabric its absorbency also give it its incredible wicking capabilities.

Machine-washable: Rayon from bamboo is best cared for by washing in warm water and drying on low to medium. Do not use bleach, fabric softener or dryer sheets/balls since bleach and fabric softener will diminish the effectiveness of the product.