Established in 2007

Anita Mahaffey, Founder + CEO

Even though we spend one third of our lives in bed, I think most people totally underestimate how important a great night’s sleep can be. Our mission is to help everyone on our planet get the sleep they need and deserve. My motivation to start Cool-jams in 2007 was because I was having terrible sleep problems. I tried so many brands of sleepwear and couldn’t find anything to help me to stay cool, dry and temperature regulated. The more I talked to other men and women with the same issues, the more I understood that I was on to something. As a textile expert, I knew there had to be a better way to sleep if I could simply develop some incredible fabrics that would feel great, wick moisture, eliminate temperature swings and dry rapidly. It was a tall order, because I needed to develop a functional smart fabric, but also wanted great looking stylish products. After several years of research & development, I found the Cool-jams solution which is best in class when it comes to comfort & temperature regulation. The result was our stylish yet functional Cool-jams Sleepwear collection. We test each of our fabrics and products at certified textile labs to make sure they perform as expected. The side-by-side testing we did against all other wicking sleepwear brands showed us that our Cool-jams Sleepwear was more effective against night sweating, more breathable and temperature regulating than any other wicking sleepwear brand in the marketplace. Since our beginning, we have developed a wide range of sleep products to help people sleep better. Our customers have done so much to spread the word about our Cool-jams products. Needless to say, we’re grateful.

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Social & Environmental Responsibility

At Cool-jams we are stewards for a socially and environmentally friendly world. All of our facilities practice sustainable manufacturing methods and provide living wages and quality working conditions for all employees. We use recyclable packaging for all of our products and are continually seeking ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

When Cool-jams began, one of the goals was to create a company that did well enough to be able to give back to a variety of charities in a meaningful way. Thanks to our many customers around the world, we have grown so much since our beginning, but the goal remains the same. Each year we donate a large percentage of our profits to charity. Since our beginning in 2007, we’ve supported a variety of charities that resonate with our social responsibility goals. The non-profit organizations that we support include domestic violence prevention & protection, advocating for children in foster care, cancer research and prevention, medical research and investment in education. It is our belief that we all have special talents and it is up to each and every one of us to use our talents and resources to make the world a better place. We like to say, we are helping make the world a better place one PJ at a time.

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