The Perfect Sleepwear For Him or Her

Moisture-Wicking and Anti-Microbial. Stay cool, dry, and fresh!

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      The Sleepwear That Helps You To Sleep Better

      Are you looking for the perfect pajama? Here's a recent note from a customer that says it all...

      "When you try these innovative pajamas, you'll discover their secret. First of all they keep me temperature regulated so I sleep better, they're super soft and comfy, great for travel, lightweight, compact and not bulky, quick drying, affordable and you gotta love the free shipping! The fabric draws all the moisture and heat away from your skin to the outside of the fabric and then dries very quickly. Who says your pajamas can't be both functional and stylish? Thanks Cool-jams for the most perfect sleepwear on the planet!"
       - Jennifer J. , Jupiter, Florida

      With Cool-jams™ moisture-wicking sleepwear, both men and women can enjoy cooling pajamas without compromising style. Cool-jams™ pajamas for night sweats are made with our high-tech, proprietary fabric that wicks away moisture and prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria so you wake up feeling fresh and well-rested. If you frequently sweat during the night, the ideal solution to your sleeping woes is a pair of stylish and comfortable moisture-wicking Cool-jams™ pajamas. This top-rated moisture-wicking sleepwear comes in a wide variety of styles and sizes for men and women, and because they are made with our patented temperature-regulating fabric, they're appropriate for wear in hot climates.

      Cool-jams™ pajamas for night sweats come in soft, soothing colors and feel just like lightweight cotton. Browse our entire selection of moisture-wicking sleepwear and you'll find options with long pants, loose shorts, tank tops and T-shirts as well as button-down shirts for a more traditional look. Purchase a matching set or opt for separates to create a pair of custom pajamas just for your sleeping style. The Cool-jams™ moisture-wicking sleepwear selection even includes bathrobes to throw on over your pajamas in the morning as well as travel-friendly pajamas that are compact, lightweight and wrinkle-resistant. Cool-jams™ promises great deals and always includes a satisfaction guarantee with every single sleepwear order to ensure that you're completely pleased with your purchase. If you give Cool-jams pajamas for night sweats a try, we guarantee that you'll sleep better.

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