Cool-jams Receives Top Innovation Award

We are so proud to announce that Cool-jams was recently selected by Apparel Magazine as one of the top innovative apparel companies in the US. You might not think the peak of the recession was an auspicious time to start a specialty sleepwear business, but that’s just what Cool-jams did, launching in 2007 — at a time when a lot more folks than usual may have been suffering from sleepless nights. Since its launch, Cool-jams has doubled it's sales every year because of so many extremely happy customers.

 The company serves a niche in the $2.7 billion U.S. sleepwear market, primarily targeting baby boomers, both men and women, with a collection of quick drying anti-bacterial travel pajamas as well as moisture wicking pajamas for people who become overheated at night due to a variety of causes including menopause, warm climates, chemotherapy, cancer, anxiety, certain medications, obesity, thyroid problems, pregnancy, nursing and basic problems with body-temperature regulation.

Today, the company sells its products primarily online and via small retailers, but is in discussions with larger retailers and expects to expand into that channel soon, both in the United States and internationally. Thr  company’s rapid growth and success  is attributed to its extensive product development activities, which have produced what many says is the “best-wicking product and most effective night-sweat pajama solution” — and its high-touch customer service, “a la Nordstrom,” which have produced a lot of happy customers who, via word-of-mouth,  share the magic of Cool-jams.”

Cool-jams does not  just sell pajamas, but rather a way for people to be more comfortable at night while sleeping. When you sleep better, you perform and feel better. The baby boomer market in the United States alone is 80 million people, and Cool-jams has recently begun to expand worldwide, currently shipping product to 150 countries.