About Outlast Bedding

Key Features of Outlast By Cool-jams Temperature-Regulating Bedding

Temperature-regulating: Outlast by Cool-jams technology will proactively manage heat while controlling the production of moisture before it begins. When the body is hot, it absorbs excess heat. And when the body cools down, it releases heat. We call this a phase-change technology, not a wicking technology.

Certified Space Technology: The Certified Space Technology seal is issued by The Space Foundation. Outlast technology was originally developed for NASA and now is used in a variety of bedding products offered by Cool-jams.

Comfort ratings: Our Cool-jams by Outlast products carry gold or silver comfort ratings to designate how much heat and moisture management they provide. A gold rating offers the highest possible amount of heat and moisture management, while silver-rated products provide slightly less and are meant to supplement to our gold-rated products. Generally speaking, the more Outlast fibers used in the product, the higher the comfort rating. What is your rating?

  • Silver comfort rating: Great for couples who are thermally incompatible, those living in a warm climate and people who just tend to run warm while sleeping.
  • Gold comfort rating: This is our highest comfort rating and good for all the same reasons as the silver rating, but it is extra helpful for people who experience night sweats or those who want relief from a very hot foam mattress.

Super soft and machine-washable: All of our Outlast by Cool-jams products are produced to be soft, comfortable and machine-washable. We recommend washing in warm or cold water on a gentle cycle or tumble dry on medium temperature.

Explore the selection of Cool-jams temperature-regulated bedding today! From sheets that stay cool to sheets that keep you cool and everything in between, you'll be able to find the right cooling comforter and other bedding products to help you sleep comfortably night after night.