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Cool-jams Customer Reviews

Why is everyone talking about Cool-jams? Read a few of our customer comments and reviews from sleep experts to find out what they're saying about Cool-jams sleepwear and bedding, or view our video  Cool-jams Sleep Products: What people are saying!

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James Maas, Ph.D., former fellow, professor and chairman of psychology at Cornell University, sleep expert and author of  "SLEEP FOR SUCCESS" and "POWER SLEEP".

"Wear the right pajamas while sleeping to get the best night’s sleep. Consider moisture wicking pajamas like Cool-jams! Makes a huge difference for anyone prone to night sweats or temperature regulation issues."

March 2019

"Last night was the first time I wore my cool-jams nightshirt, and it was the first night in a long time that I did not have to keep changing out of wet PJs . Your product really works! Lightweight, soft, comfortable, it stayed dry through my night-sweats and kept my sheets dry. I love it, and am telling all my friends it's a 'must have."

"Very pleased with these pj's and cooling sheets. They are just as described and I have recommended them to friends."

"These products make sleeping great...bedding and pjs!"

"Great products, super fast delivery!"

"My pajama pants are great! They dry very quickly and don't wrinkle Very useful as I will take them on my next trip!"

"Yep, expensive but I don't want to go back to my other pajamas so this was one of my 3 sets purchased. Well worth the money spent!"

"Coolest jams made! Try it, you'll like it. Super comfortable. Feels like you have nothing on. No more wet sheets from sweating."

"I have worn this niteshirt everynite since I bought it. It is so soft and comfortable. It drys really fast. I no longer wake up in the middle of the nite because I am too hot. Will be buying another when I can. Will tell all my friends and family about this."

"This is the first review I have ever written. Last night was the first night I slept in my new cool jams. My wife just asked if i got hot last night because she left the heater turned up. Wow I am the one that usually complains about the heat, not her. My response was no I had my cool jams on. Unreal, I cant wait for summer time. Finally, I feel like I have something that will help me from constantly turning all night trying to find a cool spot on the bed. Thank You COOL-JAMS."

"My "nightie" is everything you said it would be. Comfortable, absorbent and cool. I use heavy covers when I go to sleep and often wake up in the middle of the night in a sweat and have to remove some of the covering. But with the cool sweat!"

"It's great to finally have pillows that stay cool. Will appreciate them even more when summer comes! Thanks for a great product."

"Great products...bedding and sleepwear! delivered quickly. Highly recommended."

"This 3 piece PJ set is great. Perfect for my travels. As you say, super quick drying, light weight and compact. Keeps me comfortable regardless of the weather hot or cool."

"I was given a pair of Cool-jam pajamas and WOW! They wick away heat and moisture making it comfortable to sleep A FULL NIGHT! Believe it! I love the way they feel, soft against the skin and lightweight. Great jams I will be purchasing more."

"Ever since I had a hysterectomy in 2016, the hot flashes have become unbearable! Thanks to your products, I got my life back, I am sleeping much more, and my hot flashes quickly go away when I have the pajamas on. I am telling all my friends about your products, God bless you for thinking of us, you are truly a blessing."

"You have great products that have helped my night sweats tremendously. I have ordered from you 5 times and I'll never wear any other pajamas or use different sheets. Cool-jams are the best! Thank you"

February 2019

"I bought the pajamas for my mother and the experience was great. I will use Cool-jams again for other sleep products. Very happy with my purchase and the quality and effectiveness of the items. They were shipped on time and I received them very quickly."

"My wife says they are great. Light, cool yet warm when they need to be. She can finally sleep! "

"My wife loves the Capri pajamas, the breathable fabric stays cool and look good on her too. I'm glad you make them for men. I will be picking up some for myself."

"Wife says that the material is excellent, very comfortable, breathable, almost like she is being snuggled every time she wears it."

"This is the best nightgown I have ever owned. Excellent quality. Works as described. Love it. I plan to order at least one more. Super customer service as well."

"I bought Cooljams for my wife for Christmas and she absolutely loves them. See what you've started. Now she wants the sheets, pillow and mattress pad too!"

"Cool Jams was fabulous! I ordered the wrong size and they changed it for me. But their service was so fast that the original size arrived a couple days later. So they instantly shipped out the correct size and arranged for a free pick-up of the wrong one. They were all so helpful and kind."

"Prompt delivery. Product is outstanding and effective. Excellent courteous and kind customer service, helped me through mistakes I made ordering for my wife.

"My wife loves these pajamas and won't wear anything else. She feels the same way about the cooling mattress pads, cool sheets and cool pillow. Thanks for making such great products."

"Just a note to let you know how much I like the Cool Jams gathered tank. I ordered one in each color for myself a while back and am now getting one for my mom. She saw mine (I wear it a lot - not just to sleep in!) and wanted to try it on and loved it. It's not just for sleeping - the material and style is so comfortable - it's my current favorite top."

"I love the nightgown I ordered, very soft and keeps be cool and dry."

"I love the nightgown I ordered, very soft and keeps be cool and dry."

January 2019

"I wore the pajamas I got as a gift, and I must say...I fell in love with these PJ's on the first night, in fact I sleep in them everyday. Nothing else compares!"

"I bought my first pair a few weeks ago after waking up all night with the sweats. No matter what I put on I would wake up hot and wet. I put these on and curled up under covers and didn't wake up once! I have the drawstring bottoms and the shortsleeve T-shirt.I thought I'd be cold but I was so... comfortable. I just bought my second pair for my birthday. I'm having surgery in few days. I will be living in these. I could use a 3rd pair. Love them!"

"My husband loves his new cool-jams! The first night that he tried them he slept so well because he was cool. And I was cooler too! Thanks from both of us."

"Very comfortable and effective pajamas for night sweats. I purchased sheets and a mattress pad previously from Cool-jams and they work great. I am sleeping so well these days!"

"Your products and customer service are excellent. Quick delivery too."

"I LOVE THEM. A few months ago I ordered two gowns. I was a bit skeptical but was pleased to learn I was worried for nothing! I wear them every night.. Last week I ordered two sleeveless tops, one long sleeve button top and drawstring pants. I wanted to "layer" now that it is chilly and I'm happy to say, I'm both warm and DRY - Yes I still have night sweats, (Yikes, would not wish this on anyone) but the wicking in these "cool jams" works to keep me cooler, drier and temperature regulated--as well as my outdoor sports wicking products! Just luv these Cool-jams!"

" I have purchased a pillow, pillowcases, and a mattress pad and I must say that all those items made a difference with my night sweating."

"They were a gift and my mother-in-law loves them because they keep her so comfortable while sleeping"

"My husband loves Cool-jams so much that we had to order a second pair. While we were ordering he also noticed the bedding collection and decided to order a cool mattress pad, cool sheets and cool pillow. Why didn't we do it sooner? We've never slept better!"

December 2018

"My PJ's arrived yesterday. Wore them to bed last night and had the best night's sleep in years! I was warm enough without adding an extra comforter and even slept through the entire night with minimal tossing and turning. My goodness- it was grand! I woke up totally rested. Thank you for this wonderful product."

"Love the sheets and mattress pad:)"

" I just LOVE my new cool-jams pj's! They are so lightweight and soft that it feels like I am wearing nothing at all. And the best thing is I don't wake up soaked at night but much cooler, drier and more comfortable! Thank you Cool-jams."

"Why did I wait so long? I purchased the cooling mattress pad and really noticed the difference!"

"Best sheets and mattress pad I've ever purchased! These are quality products, fast shipping. would use again for business. good job! A+++++" Dale B., Tustin, CA

"Great product. I slept in these PJ's last night and actually slept through the night!! I'll try the sheets and mattress pad next. "

"I am currently undergoing chemotherapy for stage III breast cancer. Because of this I often ware up peeling ooff my clothes to cool down. Honestly in one night after wearing Cool-jams I noticed a HUGE DIFFERENCE!!.

"Love,love,love them. So soft and helps deal so much with night sweats. So worth every penny spent...great job?"

"Wow. Thank you for your prompt attention and customer service. What a pleasure to do business with a company like this. I love your pajamas and bedding products and now I can say I love the company too!"

"I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about your claims, but everything you say is absolutely right and I'm far more comfortable than I was before Cool-Jams! This is my favorite nightshirt and I've just ordered two more. Thank you...I've never slept better."

"I just received my order. As always the gowns are superb. Service is always impeccable and very fast. The one and only time that I had a problem, it was handled very quickly and to my complete satisfaction. PLEASE keep up the good work.Thank you for such a GREAT product. As I go through my own personal summers at night, these keep me dry and cool me off quickly. THANKS AGAIN"

"I love the gown, sheets and mattress pad, it is nice to have these items to keep cool at night!!!!!!! hot flashes!!!!!"

"Your sheets, pillows, blankets, and sleepwear lived up to EVERYTHING that your web site said. They are all excellent. Thank you so much. You will never know how much you have done."

November 2018

"Thanks so much for the excellent customer service! I received my order yesterday and the size was changed. I truly appreciate it and the pajamas fit great and amazed that I finally slept dry through my hot flashes last night."

"I absolutely love these pajamas. They are the best wicking pjs I've ever purchased. I also bought the mattress pad because I needed relief from my super hot temperpedic foam mattress. Now finally I have relief and I'm sleeping so much cooler!"

"I like the effectiveness of these pjs and sheets....they keep you cool and are so comfortable. Will definitely buy more."

"Cool-jams offers a LOT of different products so I was able to find what my wife needed.....nightshirt, cool sheets and cool mattress pad. They were well-made, fairly priced, extremely effective and delivered on time. In other words...perfect."

"I bought the sheets and nightgown to get me through the hot menopausal nights.They are both very soft and comfortable and the moisture-wicking qualities have been great."

"I like the design and fit of your styles and the wicking ability of the Cool-jams material. I now only sleep in Cool-jams because every other pjs I own now feels too hot and heavy. Thank you for making my nights better!"

"I ordered the 3/4 sleeve long nightgown and it''s a great color. It fits well, not too long. I had been looking for this exact style for a long time. Very comfortable and wicks well. I ordered it for a trip. It washes well and dries really quickly, even in humid weather. The service was the best, I ordered on Nov. 15 and got my order within 3 days with no express delivery!"

" I like all of the Cool-jams products that I've purchased...mattress pad and moisture wicking nightgowns. The product does exactly what it is supposed to do. Definitely keeps me cooler, drier and more comfortable. I have not slept this good in years! Great customer service too."

"Excellent products. I especially love the cooling sheets that I purchased. I never thought I could sleep so well. I am so happy to have found this company."

October 2018

"My Cool-Jams nightgown was perfect for my ten day trip in Italy. Traveling light means one must do laundry occasionally. It's good to know that your nightgown will be dry when you need to wear it again. I am buying one as a gift for a friend who seems to live out of her carry-on bag. "

"These are the best wicking products that I have ever purchased. I'm an athlete and I tend to get very hot at night. I've purchased the Cool-jams sheets, mattress pad and pajamas which as promised, have kept me cool and dry at night. Now I'm sleeping great and I have Cool-jams to thank. I'll be purchasing more."

"I forgot to put the apartment number on my Gift to my mother and I emailed them concerning it. The problem was quickly corrected and they notified me. My mother loves the pajamas!!!"

"My wife has encouraged me to write to you and express our appreciation for the Wicking PJs recently purchased from Cool-jams; I'm wearing them and apparently she is getting more sleep! To be honest we both are. I'm 49 and have for many years been waking in the middle of the night drenched with sweat. The routine would be to get up, dry myself off, then get back into a very uncomfortable wet bed. Strangely enough, this has always been the case in winter, as well as summer. To cope, I started wearing very uncomfortable flannel PJs so that at least they would soak up the dampness. My wife investigated your Wicking PJs recently and we had some sent over to Australia (along with a mattress cover). The result has been pretty miraculous. I haven't had one drenched night, and they are so comfortable that it doesn't bother me wearing them. In fact we just ordered another two pairs so that I can rotate. So thanks! We both really appreciate the difference and would recommend them for anyone else going through the same scenario. Believe the hype!"

" I was very impressed at how easily Cool-jams wash and air dry! They fold to nothing, no wrinkles super soft and easily and quickly can be washed, even in a small sink because of their size, and hang dry so incredibly quickly, they are so perfect for travel alone!!! Now the test. If they can be the answer to nightly sweat baths and terrible sleep they'd be incredible! ...And, Incredible they are!!! The pillowcase too! I am baffled by the mechanics of Cool-jams but just thrilled by its result! Its great to sleep thru and not wake up chilled to the bone and miserable. Plus they're pretty and not being all sweaty helps in feeling "feminine" again and that feels good! The sweat baths are over...thank you so much for your great products."

"I want to let you know how much I love my cool-jam pajamas. I have been experiencing night sweats for a while now. I struggled with finding the right combination of clothes to wear to bed. I thought someone must be making nightwear to help this situation; then I found you on the internet. Prior to getting my cool-jam pajamas, I would get a hot flash and then my clothes would get wet, making me cold. Then I would try to get warm again, ultimately bringing on another hot flash, and the cycle would repeat itself throughout the night, keeping me awake much of the night! Now that I have my cool-jam pajamas, that doesn't happen any more. When I get a hot flash, which happens less often because the pajamas keep my body cooler, my clothes don't get wet and I am able to cool down quicker and go back to sleep. My mom saw them on me and thought they looked very attractive. She has been looking for a warm nightgown. She bought the long nightgown and the jacket, and found they keep her much warmer than other nightgowns she has used. She is very happy with the product. In addition, my sister who is also going through some hot flashes at this time bought a pair of pajamas, and is also extremely happy with them. I am very glad that you have created such a helpful, functional, yet very attractive product. I will tell all my friends and family about them. Thank you!"

"Absolutely love these pajamas. The best I've ever had and so helpful for hot nights!!"

"Great comfy travel jammies. Great service, delivery, price."

" The product works great and is attractive just what is needed when nite sweats already make you feel unattractive! I've tried other wicking brands that are no where near the quality of this product. I'm a seamstress and Cool-jams are constructed beautifully...nothing cheap about these PJS!"

September 2018

"Just purchased a nightgown and it works well. I used to have to throw off the covers. Thank you for making these!"

"I'm a 47 year old male. I can't believe how awesome your stuff is. I was having a terrible time with night sweats and feeling hot. I would wake up wetter than I thought possible. Nothing I tried helped UNTIL I purchase your PJS, pillow and pillowcase. The past 2 night I have had no REAL sweats. I also love the fabric and wish you made summer cothing. Men shouldn't wait to buy these products!"

"Got one shirt, loved it, then ordered a bunch more. Love them all, now I won't sleep in anything else!"

"Great I love to sleep!"

"This tank is a must for sleeping if you are going through hot flashes. All my pretty soft lingerie just sticks to me when I have a flash but this does not"

"I've tried other wicking pajamas, but these are the best. Soft, drapy material, well made and great for perimenopausal night sweats. Thanks Cool-jams for a super product!"

"Coolest jams made! Try it, you'll like it. Super comfortable. Feels like you have nothing on. No more wet sheets from sweating. I've never had a better night's sleep...amazing product!"

"My wife LOVES these PJ's! Awesome quality - reassuring that you can still get "what you pay for!"

August 2018

" Wonderful nightgown, keeps me cool and dry all night. Will tell others about these items! "

" These light-weight men's pajamas are comfortable and great for travel. Bought as a gift, and the recipient loved them."

"Thank you for your very prompt and courteous customer service. I will definitely order from you in the future. My daughter loves your product. She is a nursing mom and she gets night sweats. Since wearing the shirt to sleep in, she has been so much more comfortable."

"I've been SO uncomfortable with menopausal night sweats- soaking my sleepwear, getting clammy... On a whim, I bought the Cool Jams nightshirt. Oh my! Soft, silky- warm enough for Minnesota winter nights, BUT! I no longer need to change my nightie 3 times a night! For awhile, I was reminded of when my kids were babies- wet, change, launder, wet, change..... My best guess is that fairies wove some sort of magic into this fabric. I'm amazed!"

"This is the best sleepwear for hot climates or hot flashes. The material dries fast so you don't wake up freezing cold if you had a night sweat. They are extremely soft and comfy. Definitely worth the money!"

"I bought these for my husband and he loves them. They are so soft, great for all our travels, quick drying, and true to size. I will definitely buy another pair!"

"These are the best thing in the world! I wish all of my bedding were made from this fabric. I intend to purchase enough pajamas, sheets and pillow cases in the next few months to cover an entire week's worth. (We do laundry once a week - washer and dryer are in our basement, and I don't do stairs very well. Thank you so very much for selling these."

"Love both the sleeveless nightgowns for summer (also great for lounging around the house on Saturdays) and the comfy pajamas for winter. I find the PJs are just the right weight -- warm enough so I feel cozy when it's cold, but light enough that I can sleep peacefully in them. Some nights when I've worn other PJs and have been too hot, I find myself getting up and changing into Cool-Jams so I can sleep peacefully! Great product."

"I just wanted to send off a quick note about your product. I have suffered from night sweats for over 20 years. They have gotten progressively worse over the years, and I have never found out what causes them, but they occur pretty much every night. I would wake up frequently, drenched in sweat, my hair soaked, my pillows, sheets etc. If I wore a T-Shirt to bed, I would strip it off halfway through the night, and it would still be wet in the morning. It was disgusting. I bought your pajamas about a month ago. I still sweat a bit, but the pajamas are barely damp if I happen to wake up, and are dry in minutes. My hair is dry, my pillows dry. I have slept through the night countless times, which never happens usually. I just ordered two more pairs. Thank you, thank you, thank you for inventing this product."

"I love these cooling sheets,. They really help with night sweats and don't bunch up or feel like you are sleeping in pantyhose. I purchased a product called Sheex last month and they stuck to my feet, were very hot and bunched up all night."

"I just wanted to let you know that I love these pajamas so much. I will never wear anything else to sleep in."

July 2018

"Just what I've been looking for in sleepwear for cool dry nights. I'm a size 10 and the 8-10 fit perfectly. The price might seem high, but it's worth it for the overall comfort. Nice, soft cotton-like fabric."

"These PJ's have been a life saver for me. I can sleep now without having to change about 3 times each night. Thank you so much."

"Wife loves them. Helps with hot flashes. I was a star on Valentine's Day!"

"I love my cool jam pajama set. It was a great purchase."

"Thank you SO MUCH...I have prayed for something to make me more comfortable at night and didn't know of anything until I saw The Doctor's TV show last week which talked about your wonderful Cool-jams! God Bless You! I would like the Cool Pillow, too!"

"I love this product! Very good service."

"I love the pjs and top I ordered in my second order - so the material rocks and has helped me so much to sleep a little better as well as the t-shirt under my winter clothes so I can layer and unlayer!"

"My wife absolutely loves her new pjs. She has not complained once about night sweats since she started wearing them to bed!"

"Great customer service, I had an immediate response to my emails. Also love the fabric. I will purchase more Cool-jams in the future."

"Fast Turnaround. Very helpful pajamas for my night sweating. I've never slept better!"

"Purchased Cool-jams for my wife and she loved them. She loves the softness of the fabric and the fact that they dry so fast. She travels for business and they made the perfect gift for her. Thank you."

"I have been wearing Cool-Jams for about 3 years now due to huge temperature swings. When I say that, I mean it literally. I basically live in bed due to illness except for doctor appointments. I have had about 8 sets or gowns. I just received my order of 3 new nightgowns and I am amazed at what I am guessing is a new, silkier material. I am going to order at least 3 more pair and more by end of May."

"Wonderful and effective product. Very fast shipment. Arrived earlier than expected!"

"I purchased Cool-jams items for my sister as a Christmas gift. She absolutely loves the products and finds that they keep her cool during the night. I plan to buy a set of PJ's for myself. Thanks Cool-Jams!"

"I was a star after I bought these pajamas for my wife. She loves them! I will for sure purchase more in the future."

June 2018

" I recently purchased my wife some Cool -Jam pajamas and she loves them and is finally able to sleep at night. I want to buy some addditional pajamas."

" I love your product and it has truly made a difference for me at night and my ability to sleep comfortably."

"My daughter bought me a pair of cool jams for my birthday. I love the fact that they keep me cool while I sleep and they are cute as well"

"Good product. My mom loved it"

"Great customer service, great product that works well"

"Easy return. Their sizes are consistent with different style jams. I wear a small however after reading several reviews ordered a medium. I had to send it back for a small. The fabric is soft, lightweight and wicks beautifully. I plan on taking it when I travel. More colors would be wonderful."

"These are my favorite .. they are comfortable and really do keep me cooler at night."

"So soft! I now do not wake up with soaked clothes. Great for menopause!"

May 2018

"These are great PJs and sheets. It is the third pair of pj pants I have purchased I tried the sheets just recently. All products are very comfortable and durable. "

"Love this item! I purchased 2 of them, and they are great. I'm splurging on the sheets and pillows next"

"I love my Cool-jams pajamas!! My husband ordered these for me and I just love them!! I am a fan of wicking fabrics since being introduced to your bamboo sheets over a year ago and was thrilled when I came across your website! And, you carry plus sizes which are often hard to find. Just wanted to say thank you and let you know I am spreading the word to all my friends and will certainly be ordering another pair in the near future. Thanks again for great customer service, quick shipment and a great product."

"Very soft and keep me cool. Great customer service as well."

"Very soft and keep me cool. Great customer service as well.""At least one "hot head" was more than pleased with the pillow and sheets received. The service so prompt a good night's sleep was only days away."

"I absolutely love these pajamas. They are exactly as described"

"Great pajamas, excellent customer service. Thanks for giving me my sleep back!"

April 2018

"Excellent service! I was hoping these pajamas would be an instant fix for my hot flashes, and I must say that it is close. These pjs are very comfortable and the good news is that I do not sweat nearly as much, so they do what they are supposed to do!"

"No more night sweats! Never slept better in my life."

"Excellent service and a great product. Thank you."

"I just received my Cool-jams PJ set and I wanted to say that these are the most comfortable pajamas I've ever owned. I was also impressed with how fast they shipped. I love these pajamas so much that I have requested that my husband buy me more for mothers day."

"Thanks for your innovative and beautiful products. I purchased both your sheets and pjs. You are an inspiration! And especially an inspiration when I am dealing with flashes!"

"I love my new wicking pajama bottoms, cool mattress pad and cooling pillow. Great customer service as well".

"The new nightgown and sheets works beautifully...thanks Cool-jams!"

"Very happy with my purchase of sheets, mattress pad and nightgown!"

"Very pleased with this purchase! It was exactly what I hoped it would be, very comfortable. The pajamas arrived quickly, great packaging."

"These Cool-Jams really work. I'm sleeping better than in quite a long time. I'll be buying another pair soon. Why aren't they using this material to make day-time clothing?"

"Awesome transaction and products. Super fast delivery. "

"Love them- does exactly what it claims! "

"Best sheets ever"

"These pajamas are excellent. My husband loves them. I have the nightgown. Also very good but need more color choices."

March 2018

"I ordered the Jillian pj set and the Sophia pj. They fit well and I just love the way they help keep me cooler and drier at night. I took them on a recent trip to Europe and they proved to be the perfect travel pajama as well. I'm so happy to have discovered Cool-jams."

"I love your PJ's! They work better than anything I've ever worn. Great for travel too because they try so fast."

"I just placed my 3rd order with you! As a recent breast cancer survivor thrown into menopause with excessive night sweats, your products are awesome! They make the difference between sleeping thorough the night in one pair of your pajamas versus not sleeping and having to change pajamas several times per night. In addition, your product is well-made and holds up to washing well. I just can't thank you enough."

"I've tried several other wicking sleepwear brands. You are not kidding when you say that Cool-jams are top performing! I have never been more comfortable,nor have I ever slept better. I'm so grateful that I found you."

"I forgot to put in the free shipping code when I placed my order. Would you be able to fix that for me? Thanks! I also wanted to let you know that I love your sleepwear and already own 2 gowns. Cool-jams are way better than anything else I've found for night sweats. I have recommended them to everyone I know that has hot flashes!!"

February 2018

"I purchased the gathered tank nightgown & love it. I noticed a difference the first night I slept in it. After a few days I went back to my regular polyester type sleepwear and it was very uncomfortable to sleep. I would highly recommend these garments for sleeping. Will be purchasing more of this type of sleepwear. My next purchase will be the cami strap gown...very cute."

"Item as described, very comfortable and absolutely the best wicking pajama that I've found. The packaging was great. I ordered the same item earlier in another color, and I'm satisfied with both buying experiences."

"Came quickly and is a great well made product. Just delightful. Thanks"

"Item arrived ahead of schedule and my wife loved it. It is the best travel PJ she has ever owned.."

"Excellent service (2 days), great product that does keep me cool and dry, prompt communication when they could not fill the color I asked for. Intend to shop with them again."

"My husband loved the pj's I ordered for him that he's asked me to get him another pair in blue and one in steel. My daughter can hardly wait to receive her sheets and pjs also. Thanks for great products!"

"I have purchased many wicking pajama brands...Softies, and Lusome, but I must say Cool-jams work better than any of them. Thanks for a great product!"

"This is a great idea. Even though my husband still has some night sweats, he feels much cooler, drier and less sticky. We are extremely pleased with your products."

"Love the pajamas - they were a gift and are so comfortable and absorbent - like silk!"

"I love my new Jams. They are great. I'm so happy also that you now have separates. I always need a bigger top and a smaller bottom. "

"What a blessing these cool-jam pj's have been. For the first time in over a year, I have stayed in the bed all night. I wake up still, but I am not covered in sweat. I am able to drift back to sleep. It is the best money I have spent in many years. Thanks Cool jams."

January 2018

"I would like to thank you for your product. I have two pairs of Cool-jams and really do love everything about them. I've never slept better since I began wearing these pajamas!"

"I received 2 pairs of Cool-jams as a gift. My sister thought I could use them due to my cancer night sweats. I have been wearing them both in the cold winter and in the warm summer. They work perfectly for both seasons. The product is fantastic. I never feel too warm or too cold. I hope you are able to offer them to more women in cancer treatment. Needless to say, I am a very happy Cool-jams wearer!"

"I just received my first cool jams night gown, cool sheets and pillow and I love all of your products! I told my husband that was the first sweat-free night that I can remember, so I just ordered another nightie!"

"Best material I have ever had in a pajama. I have a gown that I bought at a department store that is very close to what I ordered, but this nightie is a just a little lighter. Thank you very much."

" I really like my cool-jams! They help a lot and are cute too. I just ordered another night shirt. Thank you again and keep up the good work!"

"Very prompt delivery and came in very nice condition, and it is wonderful product! Thank you so very much! Would definitely order again!"

"GREAT product and FAST shipping! I had to adjust my order after it was placed and my experience with customer service was Excellent!"

"I ordered 2 nightgowns and had immediate buyer's remorse. $99 for two nightgowns? What was I thinking? When I got them I planned to send them back immediately but had just spent another miserable night tossing and turning (too hot, too cold, too hot) so I decided to try one of them. I love it. I've had two great nights of sleep so far and you couldn't pry these out of my hands if you tried. Thank you!"

"I was sending this item to my mother in law and put the wrong house number on my address. I contacted Cool-jams and they sent out a new order, without waiting for the first one to come back, plus they did not charge me an additional shipping charge, even though it was my fault. I would recommend this company to everyone!"

"The package arrived very quickly. I'll purchase more of these products from Cool-jams in the future. Recommend all to buy from this seller because the product is well made and very effective for keeping me cool at night"

"Excellent Service! Great product for travel!"

December 2017

"Before I started wearing my Cool-jams p.j's, I could never sleep through the night without waking up completely soaked in sweat. It was common for me to change my p.j's several times per night. These pajamas are the best. I only wish I would have found them sooner !"


"Heidi G, Seattle, WAI have 2 pairs and have been recommending them to everyone I know with hot flashes! Unfortunately, I have already lost a pair (left at a hotel), so I'm replacing them. They are the BEST- you need to get the word out! I travel a lot and never leave home without them"

"Thank you very much for taking care of the order I placed for Christams. I heard from my mother on Friday and she had already received the nightgown and bedding. She loves the fabrics and your service was very quick. Thanks to you I am still her favorite child. At least that's what she tells me. I have a sneaking suspicion she tells my brother and sister the same thing."

"With breast cancer and night sweats again, these gowns have provided better sleep for me. They are worth every penny I spent at this time in my life."

"What a gift! Cool-jams have been a lifesaver for me. The medication that I take causes me to have terrible night sweats. After receiving a cool-jams nightgown as a gift from a friend, my life was changed. Now I'm sleeping through the night because the sweating doesn't wake me up."

"I really like the Cool-jams because they are so soft and comfortable. They helped me sleep better and also helped with the hot/cold problems of hot flashes."

"Thank you so much for your help! I have to say, when it comes to customer service, you far exceeded my expectations!"

"I just wanted to say you offer a wonderful product. Thank you.I purchased the pjs, sheets and mattress pad. Now I'm sleeping cool and comfortable."

"This is the best invention since women have been getting hot flashes! I can no longer wear regular pajamas without getting soaking wet. I've been telling all my friends about Cool-jams. They are far superior than any other wicking pajama I've tried."

"Excellent personal service. Lovely pajamas!"

"These are the best pajamas and nightgowns in the world. Every woman starting menopause should have at least one of these! After a very long time, I can sleep comfortably again! What an amazing product!Thank you!!"

"Cool-jams are comfy and very light weight. The material is soft and very pleasant against the skin. They work, which is the best thing of all. I stay cool all night!"

September 2017

I've been looking for some time now for a button front style nightshirt, which I finally found on your site when looking for information on night sweats. Not only did I get the style I've been looking for for so long, now I'm sleeping better as well. Thank you very much for your went above & beyond, and I will remember that in the future."

"I recently received a pair of Cool Jams pajamas and an Arbonne product called Phyto Prolief as a gift from a friend. My friend knew that I suffered from menopausal night sweats, so she thought these two things would help. I am happy to report that I'm sleeping through the night, staying cool and dry, and feeling refreshed in the morning. I was so pleased that I could solve my issue with minimum effort. Thanks Arbonne and Cool Jams!

"I received my new cool-jams and slept in them last night. They were everything I read about them and I will praise my sister forever, for sharing the information with me."

"Cool-jam's product is great. The first good nights sleep I've had in years. I feel cool and comfortable all night long. When you have a hot flash within seconds you can feel the cool, dry sensation. I'm buying more."

"Cool-jam's product is great. The first good nights sleep I've had in years. I feel cool and comfortable all night long. When you have a hot flash within seconds you can feel the cool, dry sensation. I'm buying more."

"This is the 2nd order I've placed with Cool Jams. I like their pajamas so much that I bought a few for my husband. They work wonderfully in keeping the nightsweats from interrupting your sleep."

"I purchased one Cool Jams nightgown and one pillowcase in June to see if I would be satisfied. I had tried every possible solution other than wicking pajamas until then. These being hormonal creams, hormonal supplements taken at night, lining my bed with towels, etc. I am pleased and most delighted to inform you that my experience with Cool Jams products has been successful. So successful that I have ordered two subsequent sets of pajamas and an additional pillowcase. Until my menopausal days and nights are done I will be wearing only Cool Jams products at night to sleep in. Before I discovered Cool Jams I had too many sleepless and soaking wet nights. I routinely changed my bed linens every couple of days as I felt so uncomfortable on them once they became soaked. Nevertheless, I am so relieved and thankful that Cool Jams is now a part of my life. My nights are a totally different experience than the previous tormented ones. Thanks for solving my dilemna! "

"I LOVE my Jennifer Nightgown!!!! It's soft and keeping me cool during this crazy hot summer. Thank you!"

August 2017

"These PJs are fantastic. They are soft, cool, and my husband loves them. Highly recommend them."

"Cool-jams customer service is outstanding. They were very helpful with an order for my mother. My mother loves the color and super soft wicking material, thanks so much!"

"I just wanted everyone to know that I have ordered at least 4 times and I love every pair of cool jammies I wear. I am going to try and get rid of all my regular pjs and only wear Cool Jams. I am going through menopause and sweating very bad. I don't know what I would do without my Cool Jams. I also bought a few pillow cases and again, they may be expensive but well worth it, the product is unbelievable. I really can say my head and body is not soaked through like with my other pjs. I get a more comfortable sleep. I am just so happy I happened to hear about this site and product. It should be a must for women going through menopause or whatever. When I turn in bed, my cotton pjs would stick and I would try to flatten the pjs out so they wouldn't bunch up, not with Cool Jams, they go with the flow of your body. Thanks again, A Fan Forever"

"This is the second time ordering from Cool-jams and I must say that I'm extremely pleased with the wicking action and I'm finally enjoying a good night's sleep when I wear your pajamas!"

"I have fallen in love with the Cool-jams gown I purchased from you! I've tried other brands, but they don't compare!!"

July 2017

"My husband has terrible night sweats due to his chemo. Your cool-jams helped him have a better night's sleep. I'm ordering a second pair of pj's and pillow case."

"This was my first time ordering a cool-jams. The nightgown is everything they promised and more. And it arrived in record time!"

"I never dreamed these would be so great! Thank you so much for the great product! I am post menopausal, have had breast cancer, suffer from MS and have horrible night sweats. I received my order yesterday(three days from order, wow). I actually woke up cool and dry this morning and not drenched in sweat!I am so thrilled that I probably will order a second pair next week.The size was perfect too. It's so rare to get a product that actually works as expected, feels good and looks great on. Thank you!"

"I'm gonna spread the word to EVERYONE I know about your company. I already have about 6 people in mind. My girlfriend is also going through menopause so I'll be sure to let her know about your cool jammies!! I don't know what to say."

June 2017

"Just wanted you folks to know I received my first pair of cool jams yesterday. I washed them and wore them last night. If this says anything about your product, I just ordered another pair this morning."

"Great product @ excellent price. Really works with my medication induced night sweats. I like my sleepwear to be a little big. This product is true to size."

"Perfect for traveling; can roll it up in a small roll, takes up little space in a suitcase, is very comfortable, can rinse it out and it dries quickly. Is perfectly presentable if joining others; no other sleepwear needed, just terrific."

"Sleep mask easily adjusts to size. Comfortable and cooler than others I have tried."

"Very nice product (wicking sleepwear and bamboo sheets), just as advertised !"

May 2017

"Wife LOVES these!!! I have ordered her a few of these from them. GREAT PRODUCT!!!!"

"Outstanding sleepwear. Cool, comfortable and they have pockets."

"Great product @ excellent price. Really works with my medication induced night sweats. I like my sleepwear to be a little big. This product is true to size."

"Perfect for traveling; can roll it up in a small roll, takes up little space in a suitcase, is very comfortable, can rinse it out and it dries quickly. Is perfectly presentable if joining others; no other sleepwear needed, just terrific."

"Just wanted to say how much I love, love, love your pajamas. My husband and I just moved to Hawaii where it can get pretty warm. The several sets of pjs I ordered are perfect for this warm and humid climate. They are soft, comfortable, fit like a dream and stay cool all night. I'll be ordering lots more and telling all of my Hawaiian friends about you. Mahalo (thanks in Hawaiian)!"

"Between losing my thyroid and now being in Menopause hot flashes hitting at night often wakes me up from severe night sweats. Since I've bought these pajamas, no more night sweats. I do still feel and wake up at times from the hot flashes themselves but the pjs help keep me cooler and dry. I bought two more pairs after trying this one. They are pricey for pjs but worth it to me. Take care of them and follow washing directions. NO Fabric softener in the wash or fabric sheets. You can dry them in the dryer, but I hang mine to dry. The night gowns were the only plus size ones I could find online and the fit is true to size I feel."

"Too wonderful for words. Keeps me cool and dry. It may be in the 40s outside, but I often feel like I AM the oven. This helps greatly for sleeping."

April 2017

"The product arrived earlier than expected and they work great! Thank you."

" Great sleepwear and sheets!I WAS AMAZED AT THE SUPER FAST SHIPPING!!! Even though the estimated delivery date was April 17 - 24 the package arrived EARLY -on the 13th!! Thanks so much!"

"Love it. Keeps me dry and comfortable at night. I'm going to look into additional garments from this company."

"I bought this for travel. I washed it as directed when it arrived. It was almost dry when I took it out of the washer. I couldn't believe it wasn't cotton because it was so soft. And it folds into nothing. So I could pack two. I travel light."

March 2017

"LOVE this nightwear set and cooling pillow! Love it!"


"True to size, nice quality. I love the moisture wicking fabric. These are so cool and comfortable. I ordered 2 different types of the Cool Jams. I like to carry P.J.'s when traveling and these are lightweight. I like the snaps!"

"This the second pair ,I like them."

"Worked so well, I ordered another pair of pjs and some cooling sheets."

"Un-huh, these really work. After weeks of waking up with the front of my pj tops damp and muggy, I was dry and comfortable throughout the night. Completely satisfied. And I don't think they make me look like an old post-menopausal bag. I will be buying a second pair. Very pleased. Thanks Cool-jams."

February 2017

"Soft fabric and lightweight for traveling"

"This nightshirt is wonderful! I've purchased 2. I haven't slept this well in a while! Highly recommend this nightshirt especially if you suffer from night sweats. Very soft and comfy."

"Very pleased with the men's sleepwear and sheets. I highly recommend."

"Cool-jams are everything you said and more. Love the nightshirt."

January 2017

"I have bought many nightshirts from this company and I can state that they are one of a kind and live up to and surpass their descriptions."

"My husband can finally, after almost a year of suffering night sweats, can go thoughtout the night with the CoolJams."

"Am pleased both with the products both cooling sheets and sleepwear and the speedy delivery."

"My wife loves these Cool-jams. We will buy more."

"Extremely comfortable and effective cooling products...both mattress pad and sleepwear."

December 2016

"My wife has breast cancer and suffers from chemo related night sweats. She loves these pajamas. They are the only pajamas that work to keep her comfortable at night. She has 3 pairs now. I hope you can get the word out to all those suffering from night sweats related to cancer. "

"First bought this product for wife last year. My wife loves the product because now she wakes up dry. This purchase was for additional products because it performed very well."

"Wonderful products for night sweats...both sheets and sleepwear!"

November 2016

"My husband loves these pajamas and sheets. They are comfortable and allow him to sleep much cooler, wicking away any sweat. This is his second pair of pjs - he wore the first ones out and first set of sheets!"

"Awesome product...comfortable and cool.

" This is the second time I have ordered cool jams. These are the most comfortable pajamas my husband and I have ever had. I will definitely order more."

"Nightgown fits well, nice fabric and wicks away sweat. Very happy with purchase." Laurie H., Lewiston, ID>p>"The cool jams are very comfortable and certainly work well to keep you cool through the night and wick moisture away."

" The cool jams are very comfortable and certainly work well to keep you cool through the night and wick moisture away."

October 2016

"The cooling mattress pad has saved the day. My hot tempurpedic mattress was getting ready to go bye bye. Tried this mattress pad as a last resort and I'm sleeping much better and way cooler. Great product!"

"I really like these PJs. This is my second pair. Wear them summer and winter. Wife loves them as well. She also has her second pair. She washes them, hangs them to dry on a plastic hanger. They dry quickly. Highly Recommend."

"I really love the material this nightgown is made out of."

"LOVE THESE GOWNS! It took me forever to try anything new but hot nights in the South and the ad for these products convinced me. Sooooo cool, wicks perspiration away and dries quickly. Haven't worn anything else in over a year!"

"The cooling sheets and pjs are very effective and so comfortable. I sleep well ALL night! No more night sweats or hot flashes. I stay comfortable all night. What a change for the better."

September 2016

"Great fabrics. Wife loves the nightgown and sheets."

"This was just what we needed. The sleepwear and bedding work really well and keeps my husband from getting overly warm at night. Thanks!"

"Nightshirt description did not disappoint. This sleep shirt wicks away moisture just as described. Seller met estimated delivery date and the item was packaged well. Very pleased with this purchase from this seller."

"Excellent fit and really are cool and make sleeping for the menopausal woman more comfortable. Glad that I purchased them."

"Most comfy pajamas I've ever owned. They do an excellent job at temperature control."

"Most comfy pajamas I've ever owned. They do an excellent job at temperature control."

August 2016

"Excellent fit and really are cool and make sleeping for the menopausal woman more comfortable. Glad that I purchased them."

"Love these Capri sets. I now have three. Very easy to wash/dry and nice to wear."

"Very comfortable and I love the color. Feels silky and has just the right amount of weight."

"Purchased the Bamboo sheets and pjs as a gift for friend going through chemo. She says they are lovely and the real color is great. Her night sweats are helped tremendously by the pajamas and sheets."

"I love the nightshirt. It's everything the say. Keeps me cool and dry."

"This is a miracle garment. It has transformed my sleep by completely handling night sweats. I don't wake up and my sheets are dry in the morning expensive but well worth the price.

July 2016

"Love the cool jams! Patricia, P. Menlo Park, CA Keeps me dry and cool at night!"

"Love this product. Does what it says!"

"Thank you!!!!! I love Cool-jams. I have 5 pairs, my husband's getting his 2nd this order and we're on our second set of king sheets (from almost 10 years ago). Now I love the customer service too."

"This nightshirt is amazing. True to its word it helps with the night sweats and keeps me dry and cool. I was just surprised that I have to hang it to dry when I wash it. I will be ordering the pajamas next."

"This nightshirt was exactly what I was looking for! It is very lightweight and keeps me from sweating too much when my hot flashes strike. I would recommend this nightwear if you want to stay cool and dry while your sleeping."

" Sheets and nightie really help with night sweats (menopause)"

June 2016

"I love this sleepwear - I already own 3 other pairs and they really help me with my hot flashes."

"I'm thrilled with these! They are super comfortable, great quality, feels good against my skin, and does wick away the sweat. I highly recommend them! "

"Excellent experience with this Seller. It was my first time and I'm very pleased! My product was exactly as described, helps night sweats and arrived 5 days early, packaged carefully & in perfect condition. I will definitely re-order from this Seller."

"These night shirts are so comfortable and dry fast."

" Sheets and pjs really help keep you cool!"

May 2016

"Very comfortable and I love the color. Feels silky and has just the right amount of weight."

"It arrived early. It was exactly as described. Good packaging. I am very satisfied."

"Outstanding products! So comfy I could not be happier."

"I bought this for a three week trip where I would be hand washing my clothes. It worked beautifully. Rinse and ready to wear in a few hours."

"Cool, comfy, perfect!!"

"Love the pjs and sheets. So comfortable. I sleep well ALL night! No more night sweats or hot flashes. I stay comfortable all night"

April 2016

"My item arrived on time and is exactly as described. Comfortable, cool-- terrific!!"

"I ordered two more to use as day capris on a vacation in the tropics. They should be perfect for that--light weight, comfortable, easy care. The colors are pretty too."

"My item arrived on time and is exactly as described. Comfortable, cool-- terrific!!"

"I have hot flashes, night sweats and a summer trip to Europe coming up, so I bought the large turquoise tank gown. The company called me when they didn't have my size/color to facilitate a quick reorder. The customer service agent was very nice and it arrived the next day. The material feels like other polyester blend clothing I've owned so nothing weird textually, it's comfy. It's plenty roomy, like I prefer my pj's, and the arm holes are large enough to not bind at night. It comes down to my knees. I went onto the Cool Jams website to get exact lengths and measurements and they say it's 35-37" long depending on the size. The turquoise and peach gown photos make it look like they might be see-through, but mine does not appear to be at all. I just hand washed it yesterday, to test it for the planned hand washing I'll be doing on our Europe trip. I wrung it out and hung it from a coat hanger over the tub and it took exactly 3 hours to completely dry, wrinkle free. That's in So. Cal weather, so if it was more humid it may take a little longer. Nice knowing I can wash it in the morning while on my trip and by the time I need it again at night it should be dry enough to wear. Now I can bring just one for my trip. Very helpful when it comes to packing."

March 2016

"My wife is happy with the Cool-jams sleep pants. Helps her to sleep better."

"I have enjoyed Cool-jams for several years. Service was quick and excellent."

"Great Seller they were prompt. I haven't traveled as yet with this item but did an experiment and it worked."

"This is such a great nighty! I get home from work and love pulling this on to lounge around in for the evening. But best of all, sleeps GREAT! Comfy and truly keeps me dry on the nights that I used to wake up drenched in sweat and had to change 1 or 2 times during the night! It is a Wicking Wonder!"

" Very comfortable and wicks away sweat! Awesome for those nightly hot flashes to keep you cool and dry"

" So versatile...Could be used as a summer shift as well as a nightie."

February 2016

"The pjs and sheets are great. Really breath well and thus help me stay cooler."

"I got these for my wife who suffers for hot flashes. They are all she wears anymore and is about to buy more. She loves them so much that she tells everyone about them."

"My wife thought the fit was superb and looks great on her. "

"I got these for my wife who suffers for hot flashes. They are all she wears anymore and is about to buy more. She loves them so much that she tells everyone about them."

"Bought these for my wife as per requested. She loves the feel. The material is soft for her and now wants another pair for when these are in the wash. I've created a monster :( lol"

January 2016

"My favorite PJ's! Perfect transaction in every way!"

"I received these from a friend for my birthday. I suffer from frequent hot flashes. These pajamas are fantastic!"

"These products (bamboo sheets and wicking pajamas) have made big difference in my sleep."

"It works! So nice not waking up in sopping clothes from night sweats! Also bought moisture-wicking sheets so sleeping is much closer to normal now!"

" Most comfy pajamas I've ever owned. They do an excellent job at temperature control.

" These pjs are super great for traveling, so lightweight and quick drying!