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Cool-jams Products Are Dangerously Cool

Originally designed for the Canadian military, our proprietary Cool-jams fabric has been scientifically engineered for high moisture absorption, high thermal absorption and rapid evaporation.
  • Quick drying Four times faster than cotton
  • Great for travel Lightweight and wrinkle resistant
  • Odor and bacteria resistant We have integrated our proprietary antimicrobial technology into our fabric, so that Cool-jams stay fresh and odor free
  • Machine washable Shrink and fade resistant, static free
  • Available in a variety of sizes Womens S-XXXL and Men's M-XXL

    Ready to start sleeping soundly again? If so, you'll definitely need to try Cool-jams Performance Sleep Products.

  • Cool-jams proudly donates a percentage of every sale to charities helping women and children around the globe.