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1 product

The Bedding That Helps You Sleep Better

If you love the feel of your current mattress, but hate the way it causes you to overheat at night, you need one of our cooling mattress toppers from Cool-Jams™. We make it easy to upgrade your mattress by offering top-quality covers and pads that go on quickly and work instantly, leaving you with a cool, dry night's sleep. If your mattress is keeping you up at night, you owe it to yourself to check out Cool-Jams'™ cooling mattress pads.

Like other mattress protectors and toppers, our cooling covers are designed to slide easily over the top of your mattress. Elastic corners and deep pockets help keep the covers firmly in place, so you'll never have to worry about it slipping or sliding off. We offer mattress protectors and mattress toppers in a full range of sizes from twin to California king to accommodate virtually any bed on the market. Whether you're a college student looking to make their dorm room a little more livable or a discerning sleeper interested in finding a way to stay cool at night, our temperature controlled mattress covers and pads are available in the sizes you need to sleep easier.

Cool-Jams™ temperature-regulating mattress toppers and covers are made with unique Cooling technology. The pads and covers are designed to absorb excess body heat and to store it away until it's needed. When your body begins to cool and the temperature drops, the mattress covers release all of the built-up heat, warming you and keeping your body temperature stable. Just because the fabric is designed for performance doesn't mean it isn't also convenient. Our mattress pads and covers are washable and dryer-safe for low-maintenance care. They're even hypoallergenic and waterproof for better protection against night sweats.

Give your current mattress an upgrade with cool mattress toppers from Cool-Jams™. We offer the best  temperature-regulating toppers and covers on the market to make it easy to solve even the sweatiest problems. Order now for the best selection and prices on our premium cooling mattress toppers and protectors.