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7 products

The Bedding That Helps You Sleep Better

Beat the heat with high-quality bamboo rayon bedding from Cool-Jams™. Our temperature-regulating bamboo rayon bedding is designed to naturally assist with night sweats and nighttime temperature fluctuations.

Bamboo is known for its natural cooling, wicking and antimicrobial properties, which is why it is so effective as a bedding fabric. Our bamboo products are cooler to the touch than cotton and work faster to wick away moisture, so you'll never wake up damp from sweat. At Cool-Jams™, we carry a full line of lightweight bedding options to choose from including bamboo sheets, rayon from bamboo blankets and rayon from bamboo pillowcases.

When you choose bamboo rayon bedding from Cool-Jams™, you'll get some of the softest and lightest bedding options on the market coupled with extreme temperature control. Our super soft bamboo bed sheets boast a 300 thread count, which is the highest thread count achievable while still maintaining the natural benefits of the fiber. Soft, smooth and silky, our bamboo bed sheets are sure to please. They're also hypo-allergenic and are great for those that have sensitive skin. We don't use any harsh chemicals during the manufacturing process and fibers are spun as round and as fine as hair for a non-abrasive finish.

While softness is nice, the real benefit of bamboo rayon bedding is its ability to help regulate body temperatures throughout the night. Bamboo fibers naturally have micro-gaps and holes which makes them breathable and ventilated. This promotes better cooling while you sleep and helps the fabric be more absorbable than cotton or polyester. The micro-ventilation also helps the fabric dry faster, controlling temperatures and promoting better comfort. Best of all, bamboo is naturally antimicrobial, meaning even the heaviest night sweats won't cause stains or odors.

Upgrade your sleep routine with fresh bamboo bedding from Cool-Jams™. We carry a large selection of lightweight bedding options to choose from, so whether you're searching for a bamboo duvet, a bamboo blanket, a bamboo coverlet or just a set of bamboo sheets, you're sure to find the sustainable, cooling bedding you need for a better night's rest.