Cool Blankets From Cool-jams | Why Are They So Cool?

April 25, 2016 2 min read

Cool-jams™ blankets are the coolest blankets you’ll find anywhere! They’re cool because they use both traditional sources and the latest technologies for unique fabrics that give you a comfortable night’s sleep. They’re also literally cool, since they’ll help control those annoying night sweats that can have various causes, from a medication you’re taking to anxiety to hot flashes due to menopause. Cool-jams™ offers two distinct types of cool blankets — Rayon from Bamboo blankets and Outlast blankets. Each Cool Blanket has its own special construction and properties that keep you cool at night for a more restful sleep.

Cool-jams™ Rayon from Bamboo Bedding These soft, comfortable cool blankets begin with naturally wicking, cooling and antibacterial bamboo. Rayon from Bamboo blankets feel cooler and wicks away moisture and heat more effectively than cotton. Not only are they perfect blankets for hot flashes or night sweats — they’re also extremely soft and comfortable. Rayon from bamboo blankets are soft, silky, breathable and ventilated. They’re hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial and resistant to odors. These are great blankets for people with allergies. The rayon from bamboo blankets naturally wick away the body’s moisture, and they’re machine washable. Since they’re made from bamboo (a sustainable, fast-growing plant), they’re eco-friendly. They also release more oxygen into the environment than trees, which helps reduce greenhouse gases.

Cool-jams™ Outlast Bedding Outlast temperature regulating cool blankets work by managing the body’s heat and moisture and automatically adjusting its temperature to keep you comfortable. When it gets too hot, it absorbs the heat. If it gets too cool, it releases that heat to warm you up again. It’s like magic! Outlast blankets uses its phase change technology to keep you from sweating. This technology was originally developed for NASA. How cool is that!? These extremely soft blankets are highly rated for comfort and moisture management, and they’re completely machine washable. In addition to cool blankets, Cool-jams™ also carries cool bed covers, sheets, pillows, pillow covers and mattress covers. For more information about Cool-jams™’ wicked cool bedding, see their About Cool Bedding page.