What Are Menopause Pajamas?

You might have seen these menopause pajamas on Oprah.  Whether you wear pajamas or nightgowns, women who are in perimenopause or post menopause will probably feel better at night when wearing wicking sleepwear...sometimes known as menopause sleepwear. What in the world is menopause sleepwear?  If you haven't discovered this great product yet, then we hope you will discover menopause pajamas soon.
Menopause Pajamas
The most common menopause symptoms are night sweats and hot flashes. With over 75 million menopausal women, there is a lot of heat  of excess heat out there. Menopause pajamas help make those hot night more comfortable by drawing moisture away from the body and drying quickly so the wearer stays cool and dry all night. This is the solution for any person... man or  woman who gets overheated at night. OK...men probably don't go through menopause, but they do get got at night! Visit Cool-jams reviews to learn what people are saying about these fabulous menopause pajamas.