Tips to Relieve Nightsweats and Get Better Sleep

Dreaded night sweats can make bedtime miserable. No one wants to wake up from a sound sleep drenched in sweat, their pajamas and bedding soaking wet. Night sweats are common among menopausal women, and can also occur due to a number of medical conditions. Experts say one of the easiest ways to help rid of night sweats is to keep your room cool – between 60 and 67 degrees., which is affiliated with the National Sleep Foundation, suggests keeping ice water and a washcloth near your bed so you can cool off quickly if you wake up sweating.

Even if you have the perfect sleep environment to keep night sweats at bay, here are a few additional suggestions to follow before hitting the sack. Try limiting spicy food, alcohol and nicotine, which can potentially trigger night sweats, according to WebMD. Experts have said exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy weight can also help relieve night sweats. One of the easiest ways you can combat night sweats is through temperature-regulating bedding and cooling pajamas. Fortunately, Cool-jams™ has you covered.

Our full line of bedding will keep you comfortable from the moment your head hits the pillow until your alarm clock goes off the next day. Our cooling mattress pads, linens, blankets and comforters work together to prevent heat and moisture from accumulating under the covers, keeping you comfortable and dry throughout the night. Cool-jams™ even offers temperature-regulating cooling pillows, so you never have to flip your pillow to find the cool side. Cool-jams™ pajamas, with their moisture-wicking technology and breathable fabric, are lightweight yet still cozy, making them the perfect item for someone suffering from night sweats and who tends to overheat. Our Moisture-Wicking Baby Doll Nightgown is a best seller, thanks to its cute style and comfortable design.