3 Solutions for a Hot Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses offer a wide range of benefits. The super-soft foam makes for a dreamy experience each time you get in bed. Meanwhile, they conform to your body, so you get great support throughout the night. However, that dense foam comes with a potential drawback; many people find that lying on the mattress creates hot spots. The foam retains heat and makes it too warm to comfortably sleep through the night. Fortunately there are some easy fixes for this issue. Here are some of the top solutions for hot foam mattresses:
  1. Cooling bedding: The bedding you choose for a foam mattress is very important. Many of the typical bedding fabrics won’t help you stay cool, which makes a hot foam mattress even harder to bear. If you sleep on memory foam, choose bedding that helps to regulate your body temperature. This type of bedding includes special technology that cools your body and keeps you comfortably sweat-free when the mattress gets too warm. In addition to sheets and blankets, you may also want to choose a mattress pad and pillowcases with temperature-regulating abilities.
  1. Moisture-wicking sleepwear: What you wear to bed can also have an effect on how well you sleep. In addition to choosing something that’s loose-fitting and comfortable, you’ll want to choose pajamas that wick moisture away from the body. This type of high-performance fabric helps to prevent night sweats that would wake you up from a good night’s sleep.
  1. Bed fan: This isn’t just a fan that you keep in the room to move air around as you sleep. Instead, it’s a special type of fan that blows air between the bottom and top sheets to keep you cool under the covers. This can help with the heat that builds up when sleeping on foam.
Don’t let your foam mattress keep you awake. Instead, enjoy the benefits of soft, supportive foam while staying cool by using these handy tips.