3 Best Wicking Pajamas for Nursing Mothers

While you love your little bundle of joy, most new mothers don’t particularly love waking up multiple times throughout the night for feedings. Nursing in the night may be a part of raising a new baby, but that doesn’t meant that you can’t make it a bit more convenient on the sleep-deprived parents. These innovative pajamas for nursing mothers will help to make those nighttime wake-ups more efficient.
  1. The Sophia Nightshirt. Cool-jams’ Sophia nightshirt is a great option for those hot summer months. It has a loose, comfortable shape and a shorter hemline to help keep you cool while sleeping, and its moisture-wicking fabric will help combat hot flashes and night sweats. Best of all, the nightshirt features a button-down front that’s easy to open up during feeding time.
  2. Moisture-wicking 3-Piece Pajama Set. For colder months, this complete set offers you the option of layers. The long pants keep you warm while also wicking away sweat from the skin, while the loose camisole and button-down shirt are made of a lightweight material that’s flexible for nursing. This is also a great set for nursing mothers to pack while traveling, as it is lightweight and wrinkle-resistant.
  3. Babydoll Shorty Pajama Set. If you’re looking for a pair of pajamas that combine feminine style with the accessibility that you need for nursing, this is just the one to choose. This pajama set features a longer pair of shorts that will keep you cool, as well as a babydoll-style tank top with a row of four buttons down the front for nursing. This set also comes in your choice of stylish colors and features our proprietary moisture-wicking   The buttons are decorative on this style…very easy to pull up the top  
With these pajamas for nursing mothers, you’ll feel much more comfortable and prepared when it comes time to wake up for a feeding. Their moisture-wicking properties help to combat the night sweats and temperature issues that often come from giving birth, and their accessible tops make it easy to nurse without much adjustment.