Mattress Protectors to Keep You Cool

While there’s something comforting about tucking into your warm, cozy bed on a chilly night, that nightly act can quickly lose its charm when you suffer from hot flashes and night sweats. Many people struggle with these types of temperature issues on a nightly basis, but rather than accepting them as something you’ll always have to deal with, you may want to look into mattress protectors that double as cooling pads to regulate your finicky body temperature. Read on to learn more about Cool-jams™ and its innovative cooling mattress pads.

Our mattress protectors come in standard sizes that fit all types of beds, including twin, full, queen, king and even oversized California king beds. They simply slide right over the top of your mattress, and they’re fitted with elastic bands around the sides to ensure a reliable fit that won’t slide around during the night. These mattress pads are made of 100 percent cotton in a 300-thread count that creates a comfortable, breathable texture against the skin, but unlike standard mattress toppers, they’re also made of our exclusively formulated fabric that absorbs heat from your body and lowers your body temperature as you sleep. You’ll say goodbye to night sweats, hot flashes and restless nights without any extra effort with these machine washable mattress pads.

If you struggle with night sweats more than hot flashes, you may also require a waterproof mattress protector that not only keeps you cool, but also shields your mattress from moisture. Cool-jams™ has created the perfect waterproof, cooling mattress toppers that come in standard sizes ranging from twin to California king, but unlike many other styles of waterproof pads, ours still feels soft and comfortable against the skin. These innovative pads are made of 98 percent polyester and 2 percent Lycra knit with a 100 percent hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill, which wicks sweat away from the skin while also creating a soft, padded surface that regulates your body temperature and promotes the restful night’s sleep that you’ve been looking for.