4 Tips to Cool Down a Hot Bed

Whether you have a thick, heavy pillow top  memory foam mattress or simply live in a hot area that gets very stuffy at night, sleeping in a hot bed is never comfortable (or restful). If you’re desperate for ways to cool down your hot bed and find a peaceful night’s rest, use these smart tips from Cool-jams™.
  • Turn down the thermostat. It may seem obvious, but studies show that many people sleep at a higher temperature than they should. By turning down the temperature to a level that seems chilly before you slip under the covers, you can ensure that you don’t wake up sweating in the night. Sleep experts recommend 68 F.
  • Add a cooling mattress pad. If the type of mattress is the issue behind your night sweats, you can add some separation between yourself and your pillow top. Our Cool-jams™ cooling mattress pads are designed specially using our unique Outlast fabric to wick away heat from the body. These types of mattress pads even wick moisture from the skin, so if you struggle with night sweats, they’re sure to cool things down.
  • Add a cooling sheet set. If you’re still feeling too hot, cool yourself off on top as well. Add a Cool-jams™ sheet set over your mattress pad that wicks away moisture and feels silky and lightweight against your skin.
  • Top things off with a cooling blanket. No matter how cozy your heavy down comforter may feel, it may be the cause behind your overheating. Give it a rest (at least on particularly hot evenings) by replacing it with a Cool-jams™ cooling blanket . Like our sheets and mattress pads, these blankets are made using our Outlast technology to wick away moisture, regulate your temperature, and still keep you feeling cozy. You can also try our bamboo blankets and duvet covers which are made of naturally cool bamboo fibers. Both are good options.