How to Buy Sheets

When you start shopping for bed sheets, the thousands of options can quickly become overwhelming. To find the right sheets for your needs, you need to know a few of the main factors that differentiate one set from another. This guide includes the main things to keep in mind when comparing bed sheets. Thread Count A thread count number refers to the number of threads woven into 1 square inch of the fabric. A higher number is often an indicator of higher quality. That means it’s more likely to have a soft, smooth texture and hold up well over the years despite regular washing. Fabrics While thread count is important, buyers should understand that fabric plays a significant role in sheet quality as well. Here are a few common bed sheet fabrics to consider:
  • Cotton: These sheets are great for keeping cool. They also are very easy to wash and maintain.
  • Polyester, bamboo and rayon: These fabrics are typically among the most durable and inexpensive options.
  • Linen: This is one of the higher-end fabrics and is popular in warmer climates.
Sizes Getting the right size is a must, so make sure you know which of the following sizes your mattress is before shopping for sheets:
  • Twin
  • Twin Extra-long
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King
Things to Consider Now that you know a little more about sheet options, it’s time to think about your unique needs. What features will make your bed sheets a good choice for you? Here are a few things to consider:
  • Sensitivity: If you’re sensitive to certain fabrics, make sure you find something that won’t irritate your skin. Consider hypo-allergenic or organic sheets.
  • Climate: Whether you live in Texas, California, Florida or another area with a hot climate, sheets with temperature-regulating properties can improve your sleeping experience immensely. This should definitely be considered in notoriously hot cities like Houston, Dallas, Miami and San Diego.
  • Personal comfort: If you suffer from night sweats, the same cooling bed sheets used by those in warm climates are a smart choice.
Use these tips to simplify your bed sheet shopping experience.