How a Cooling Mattress Pad Differs from a Standard Mattress Pad

While you’ve likely heard about cooling mattress pads in your search for a way to keep your temperature regulated during the night, you might not know exactly how they work (or even how they differ from standard mattress pads). You’ll be surprised to learn just how unique and effective these types of mattress pads are, and you might even be amazed at the improvements they can make to your quality of sleep.

A standard mattress pad is normally filled with cotton or foam that not only provides an extra layer of padding to your mattress, but it is also designed to keep you warmer throughout the night. This is especially true when you sleep on a hot foam type mattress. They are just plan hot and uncomfortable. While this is great for anyone who becomes chilly during the night, it is the exact opposite of what a person who struggles with hot flashes and night sweats would desire. Cooling mattress pads from Cool-jams™ on the other hand are filled with a 100 percent hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill and made with our own unique technology that not only feels just as soft and comfortable, but it also reduces your body temperature and keeps you cool throughout the night.

On the outside, many standard mattress pads are covered with cotton or jersey that feels soft against the skin but creates friction during the night that often leaves you feeling overheated, sweaty and just plain uncomfortable. Cooling mattress pads differ in that they are designed specifically to avoid this type of discomfort; Cool-jams™ pads are also covered with 100 percent cotton, but our exclusively formulated fabric absorbs the heat from the surface of your skin and cools your body temperature while you sleep, eventually releasing it back into your skin as you start to cool down.

Although you might not notice a difference between a cooling mattress pad and a standard mattress pad upon first glance, the extreme change in comfort that you feel while sleeping makes these innovative mattress toppers well worth the investment.