5 Cool Gifts To Give Your Loved Ones

Looking for a useful holiday gift that’s even cooler than the latest gadget? Try cooling and moisture-wicking bedding and sleepwear from Cool-jams™. Everyone from nursing mothers to frequent travelers loves these innovative items, which not only keep you cool and dry all night long, they also create a great night’s sleep wherever you are. Here are just a few great ideas for truly cool holiday gifts for everyone on your list.
  1. A Cooling Mattress Pad. For your partner who is always a different temperature than you, give the gift of a mattress pad that regulates body temperature while you sleep. Even if you love a warm, cozy bed during those colder months, your partner will stay cool and dry all night long with one of these innovative cooling pads.
  2. A Cooling Pillow. For your sibling or friend who loves that initial feeling of lying your head down on a smooth, cool pillowcase, this technologically advanced cooling pillow from Cool-jams™ will give them that feeling all night long.
  3. A Pair of Travel Pajamas. If you know someone who frequently travels for business or pleasure, a pair of compact, quick drying travel-ready pajamas is always a great gift. Cool-jams™ offers moisture-wicking pajamas that are made of lightweight, wrinkle-resistant materials that are easy to stow away in a suitcase, and they promise to keep the wearer cool and dry in any temperature.
  4. A Moisture-Wicking Robe. For men and women, you can’t go wrong with an everyday robe. The Cool-jams™ version of this nighttime classic is made with a proprietary moisture-wicking fabric, which keeps the wearer cooler and drier. Since this robe is so lightweight and compact, it makes a perfect travel robe as well.
  5. A Nursing Nightshirt. For a new mother, a button-front nightshirt is a supportive gift that will help with her nighttime feedings. These well-designed sleepwear items from Cool-jams™ feature moisture-wicking fabric that keeps her cool while also making it easy to unbutton them from the front.
Make all of your holiday gift-giving easier (and cooler) than ever before with great gifts for everyone from Cool-jams™.