14 Feng Shui Tips for a Good Night's Sleep

One of the highlights of a vacation is a cozy, rejuvenating and restful night's sleep. The best sleep is often experienced when you are in the mountains, by the sea or in the country. Ideally, that is how we are meant to sleep all the time. Feng shui is a design method that involves purposefully arranging a space so that it has an uplifting and life-enhancing effect on the people who occupy that environment. Now you can create a Zen, peaceful night's sleep at home with practical and easy to implement feng shui design tips for your bedroom.

  • As you enter the bedroom, your energy, your Chi, should be transformed from your busy, daytime "yang" self to your restful "yin" self. Choose "yin" (calming) colors to ensure a peaceful sleep. Greens, blues and violets are restful to our eyes and our spirits.
  •  Organic wicking sleepwear and wicking bedding is a luxury that your body will thank you for. It feels great against your skin -- so natural...just like cotton.
Feng Shui Garden
  • Use black-out shades in your bedroom to prevent light pollution from seeping in. This will keep you in tune with your natural day-night cycle, helping to maintain balance and well-being.
  • Be sure that the head of your bed is against a solid wall. This is called the "black turtle" in feng shui. It is the energy that supports and protects you. It also creates a barrier and keeps you safe from any electric wiring or plumbing inside of the wall.
  • Bring the elements of nature indoors with a collection of sea shells, a rock garden, a potted plant or a piece of art that expresses the beauty of nature. Plants are natural air filters and actually remove toxins from the air.
  •  It is important to be able to comfortably see the door to your bedroom from your bed. This creates a secure and calm environment. If you can't see the door put a wind chime by the entrance so you can hear someone as they enter the room.
  • The "red bird" is an ancient feng shui principal that works in a powerful way. One indoor location that is called the red bird is the wall opposite the bed. This area is where your future is depicted. Carefully choose what you put on this wall. Select a painting, sculpture or photo that symbolizes what you want to attract to your life.
  •  Remove photographs of family and friends from your bedroom and relocate them to the social rooms of your home, like the living room or den. The bedroom is a sacred sanctuary for you, your spirit and your dreams. The only other person who should share this space with you is your love partner.
  •  Feeling too wired to sleep? Electromagnetic fields, which are emitted from electronic equipment, can cause restlessness. This means your computer, TV, stereo and even your alarm clock! Plug them all into a surge protector, which makes it easy to flip the switch before you go to bed, for a Zen night's sleep.
  • Using the space under the bed for storage is a mistake I see made time and time again. Clutter under the bed can cause restlessness, allergies and sleepless nights. So release the blocked energy under the bed, and this room will become the sanctuary you deserve!
  •  If you are looking for love, or would like to enhance the romantic area of your life, I suggest decorating with pairs of decorative items. A good choice would be two candles in matching crystal candlestick holders, or artwork that depicts two people or two flowers -- but never just one. Fresh flowers in romantic colors like mauve, pink or peach are also very effective. Once the flowers began to wilt they must be thrown out immediately, because dying flowers or plants bring in a negative energy.
  •  If you are already in a relationship it is important to have identical night tables on both sides of the bed, with identical lamps on each side as well. Couples should even things out if they want a more balanced life. What you see is what you get. If your partner's side of the bed has a larger table than yours, I find it often means that he or she is carrying more of the responsibility in the relationship.
  •  Light a candle or incense, smooth on your favorite body lotion or mist your bedding with the relaxing scents of lavender, sandalwood, rose, vanilla or cinnamon. Inhale and smile as you feel all your tension drift away.
  • If you suffer from night sweats and hot flashes be sure to keep your bedroom cool and drink lots of water before bed. Turn your bedroom into an environment that emanates relaxation and transports you into a blissful night's sleep, simply by implementing these feng shui tips today. Then have a cup of chamomile or peppermint tea, listen to a guided meditation CD, read something inspirational or write in your personal journal until your eyelids get heavy. Turn your lamp off and cuddle up in natural, organic night clothes and sleep baby, sleep....read more Debra Duneier is an eco-designer, Feng Shui Master Practitioner, creator of the EcoChi system and now author of EcoChi: Designing the Human Experience. The EcoChi system is built on a solid foundation of three basic, tried and true ingredients: feng shui, green and sustainable living, and environmental psychology. In her new book, Debra invites readers to learn how the EcoChi philosophy harnesses the power of nature to bring a positive impact to your personal and professional lives. "EcoChi: Designing the Human Experience" - Available September 7, 2011
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