Cooling Pillows for Menopause

Having a comfortable, supportive pillow to rest your head and neck each night is a vital component of getting a great night's sleep. Another quality of a great pillow is one that doesn't overheat. If you're using a traditional pillow, chances are you'll notice it tends to get overheated, leading to uncomfortable sweating. You'll find yourself waking up repeatedly during the night to flip your pillow over and fan yourself, only to do it all over again the next night. 

Cool-jams'™ menopause cooling pillows and pillow cases are the answer to a cool head and neck all night, every night. The secret lies in the innovative use of our special fabrics that are lightweight and breathable. They also have the ability to absorb heat and pull it away from your skin where it dissipates rapidly, leaving you cool and temperature regulated all night.

In addition our pillows are made using our innovative Outlast technology. This technology acts like a self-regulating thermometer in your pillow by absorbing the heat given off by your body when you get too hot, storing it and releasing it when your body cools and needs to get warm again. Outlast technology is unique in that it's proactive, rather than reactive. It continually regulates your body's internal temperature as you sleep, to maintain your ideal comfort level for as long as you're sleeping. Not only are these pillows exceptionally cost-effective, but they can transform regular pillows into cooling ones!

Our pillows and pillowcases are ideal for menopausal women who until now had to suffer from uncomfortable night sweats. Durably made, our menopause cooling pillows and pillowcases come in 300-thread count and are made from 100% soft fabric. In addition, they're hypoallergenic making them perfect for allergy sufferers and are easily machine washable. 

Have a favorite pillow that's the perfect shape, size and firmness? You don't have to get rid of it, simply cover it with one of our cooling pillowcases. You'll enjoy night after night of cool, comfortable relief.