Cool Pajamas for Menopause

Moisture-Wicking Menopause Pajamas Hot flashes are one of the most common yet unpleasant symptoms of menopause. They occur due to a reduction in the body’s estradiol levels and are often accompanied by sweating and rapid heartbeat. Hot flashes release a surge of adrenaline, which rouses your brain from sleep and creates a spike in body temperature, which can compromise your ability to get a good, full night’s rest. If you’re experiencing hot flashes, flushes and night sweats, we’ve got an excellent solution for helping you get a restful night’s sleep no matter what: Cool-jams™ cooling pajamas for menopause. These menopause-friendly PJs are made with smart materials that keep your body’s surging temperatures under control. The result is a quality night of sleep where you wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested.

Dealing with Night Sweats with Cool-jams™ Cool-jams™ moisture-wicking pajamas are made with our very own proprietary fabric that wicks away moisture and sweat to keep you cool, comfortable and confident during the most intense hot flashes and night sweats. To boot, they’re made with soft, soothing and lightweight materials that help regulate your body temperature and control the growth of odor-causing bacteria. Absorbent sleepwear draws moisture and heat away from the skin and dries quickly, so you wake up less sweaty. Because we have menopause nightgowns, robes and comfy pajama sets, you can wear them while you sleep, lounge or work around the house. Many styles are equipped with built-in bras so they double as sportswear, so you can tackle tough hot flashes even while you’re on a jog or at the gym. These versatile cooling menopause pajamas are great for traveling, especially to hot climates. Try Cool-jams™ innovative menopause sleepwear today and see the difference