Can Yoga Help Women Going Through Menopause?

Women in  menopause experience a range of symptoms .  One in five they will have severe symptoms while a lucky three in five will suffer only mildly.
I’m talking about bloating, aches and pains, headaches, hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, insomnia, weight gain, depression, irritability, forgetfulness, lack of concentration, the amount of times you need the loo and painful sex. Quite a list! And they can really interfere with the quality of your life. Could yoga possibly be the key to relief?
Since oestrogen deficiency is the cause of menopausal symptoms, hormone replacement therapy is the most effective treatment. While you can treat certain symptoms like  night sweats with things like wicking pajamas or cooling sheets and wicking bedding, there really is  no other treatment comes close to the effectiveness of hormone therapy. All kinds of alternative remedies are recommended, but very few have been proven to work. And if they do work, they’re rarely more efficient than taking a placebo or dummy pill. So, women who are reluctant to take hormone treatment are always looking around for something more natural that will help them.
In a recent study from India, yoga was shown to  help  with menopausal symptoms The women who took part in the ­study were scored on 11 menopausal symptoms, which covered physical, emotional, sleep, joint and muscle complaints and psychological symptoms like depression, irritability and tiredness. Bladder symptoms and sexual problems were also tracked.
One group of those studied performed yoga on a daily basis including breathing techniques and meditation. Alongside a control group, both groups filled in a questionnaire to analyze changes in their symptoms at the end of the study. When the two groups were analyzed, the women who’d been practicing yoga were found to have significantly lower scores on all the symptom scales. There was a significant difference in the total ­score and the scores of all ­the separate tests in the ­yoga group. With no improvement in the control group’s symptoms, it proves, in my mind, yoga’s effectiveness in fighting menopausal symptoms.