2 Best Sheets for Hot Summer Nights

The temperatures are rising and you want to wear clothing that's lightweight and breathable. When it's time to get into bed at night, why would you continue to use the same heavy sheets that you used in the wintertime? For hot summer nights you need cooling, moisture-wicking sheets, and that's just what you'll find at Cool-jams™. Here are all of our favorite bed sheets for the summertime.
  • Temperature Regulating Sheets. Our tried-and-true temperature regulating sheets are our Holy Grail product, as they help to regulate your temperature while you're sleeping and keep you cool all night long. They're exclusively formulated with 50 percent Outlast® Viscose and 50 percent cotton to feel soft and silky to the touch while also absorbing heat away from the body and releasing it back into your skin when you start to cool down.
  • Cooling Rayon from Bamboo Sheets. If you're looking for a sheet set that is organic, hypo-allergenic and eco-friendly (but still works to keep you cool), our bamboo sheets are the ones to choose. These sheets are made from all-natural bamboo, which feels just as soft as cashmere and continues to get softer after each wash. These sheets also adjust to your body's temperature so you'll never be too cold or too hot in bed at night.