Chinese Medicine and Night Sweats

Eighty five percent of women suffer from night sweating and hot flashes during the menopause, making it the most commonly reported symptom during this change of life. That is a whole lot of heat to go around! The severity of the symptoms depends so often on a woman's dietary and lifestyle. Approximately fifty per cent of the women, who have  hot flashes, usually have them  for five to ten years after the end of their menstrual cycle.

Cool-jams Menopause Humor
Cool-jams Menopause Humor

Western medicine understands night sweats to be a sign of estrogen deficiency, and for over forty years  the recommended  treatment was to  use  hormones - synthetic and now bio identical. The idea that menopause is a disease was specifically created as a marketing strategy and is actually quite absurd. Even so, over the years many women have reported that hot flashes and night sweats seem  to be the one symptom that HRT does effectively eliminate. While the modern approach treats the normal deficiencies of the aging process by introducing hormones into the body, the traditional approach treats the deficiencies themselves. Instead of putting hormones into the body, traditional doctors supplement the very essences from which the hormones are made. Traditional Chinese Medicine views menopause as the natural transition that leads a woman from the reproductive to the non-reproductive time in her life.

At this age, hot flashing and night-sweats are caused in almost all cases by a root deficiency in the kidneys. It should be understood that diet and emotional stress have a strong impact on the intensity hot flashes. Worry, anxiety, and fear can weaken and even damage the liver which over time can deplete the kidneys even more, thus increasing the severity of the hot flushing. Junk foods, the wrong protein to carbohydrate balance, and too many sweets will elevate blood sugar levels, increase internal inflammation and only add to the severity of the flushing and sweats.

So if you are not interested in using standard hormone replacement therapy, there are natural approaches that you can try. Talk to a doctor specializing in oriental medicine to review treatment options. Also if it is specifically night sweats that you are trying to combat, consider temperature control bedding to include cool bed sheets, mattress pads that feel cooler and help to regulate body temperature, as well as wicking sleepwear. All of these natural approaches work to help with those pesky menopausal night sweats and hot flashes