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All Men's Wicking Sleepwear

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Cool-jams™ men's wicking sleepwear for men are some of the most effective moisture-wicking sleepwear products on the market today, keeping the wearer cool and dry all night long while still feeling soft to the touch.

While most types of moisture-wicking fabrics feel like polyester and are stiff, our unique fabric feels just like silky, lightweight cotton. The fabric glides along the body, for a loose, non-restricting fit. Each item wicks away moisture and even reduces the bacteria that causes body odor when you sweat, creating a more comfortable night's sleep for you and your partner.

Browse Cool-jams' entire selection of wicking pajamas for men and you'll find both sets and separates in your choice of colors. Matching boxer and T-shirt sets are perfect for warm summer nights, but if you prefer to create your own set, we also sell individual T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, shorts and pants so that you can create the perfect pajama style for how you sleep.

Cool-jams men's pajamas come in sizes ranging from S to XXL to fit just about any man.