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All About Bamboo Bedding

All About Bamboo Bedding

Bamboo is one of the hottest trends in bedding right now. While it's certainly stylish, the reasons for its popularity have more to do with the many great features it offers when it comes to sleeping comfortably. Find out more about why bamboo bedding and special to decide if it's the right choice for your bed.

Bamboo Fabric Facts & Features:

Unlike what many people think, bamboo is a grass, not a tree. It grows incredibly fast (up to 3 feet per day!). Plus, bamboo it releases 35% more oxygen and takes in five times the volume of greenhouse gases compared to timber trees. Despite being soft, bamboo fibers are also quite strong. Here are some of the unique features of bamboo bedding:

  • Hypoallergenic: Bamboo bedding is all natural and includes no harsh chemicals.

  • Temperature-regulating: Bamboo is highly breathable and lightweight.

  • Moisture-wicking: The fibers naturally wick moisture away from the body.

  • Odor-resistant: Bamboo contains a natural antimicrobial agent that resists mildew and odors.

  • Eco-friendly: Because it's easy to grow and thrives without any fertilizers or pesticides, bamboo is a sustainable bedding choice.
Because of the benefits listed above, bamboo bedding is great for anyone who has allergies, is concerned about environmental impact or suffers from hot flashes or night sweats.

Bamboo Bedding Care:

Another great feature of bamboo bedding is that it's machine-washable. Just wash in warm water and dry on low to medium. You don't need bleach, fabric softener, dryer sheets or dryer balls - a more natural cleaning process is best for these natural fibers. Plus, bamboo bedding actually gets softer as you wash it.

Bamboo Bedding Products:

Cool-jams has a number of great bamboo bedding options, including:

Bamboo bedding is a great choice for just about anyone. If you want comfortable, cool and eco-friendly bedding in your home, check out Cool-jams array of rayon from bamboo products. To view all of our bamboo bedding products visit this link...Bamboo Bedding.