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The Cool-jams Difference: What Sets Cool-jams Apart From Other Performance Sleep Products?

Cool-jams was recently selected as one of the most innovative apparel companies in the US. Let us explain more about why Cool-jams received this honor and why we have sold more wicking pajamas around the world than any other wicking pajama brand. To learn more about our products please view our Cool-jams Sleep Products videos.

  • Wicks heat and moisture and dries faster  than regular cotton, terry, poly/cotton and any other wicking brands tested: Side-by-side testing shows that Cool-jams absorbs moisture, wicks heat and moisture and dries faster than cotton, poly/cotton or any other wicking performance fabrics tested. Cool-jams are an incredibly effective way to deal with night sweats, hot flashes or other temperature regulation problems. Don't settle for an inferior wicking product when you can sleep in Cool-jams.
  • Top Performing Travel Pajama:  Cool-jams are lightweight, quick drying, compact and wrinkle resistant making them an awesome travel pajama for cold or warm weather. You can rinse them out in the sink in the morning, hang up to dry and they'll be ready to wear when you need them that evening.
  • Regulates body temperature more effectively than regular cotton:  Regular cotton fabric (loop terry, velour, woven or knit) absorbs moisture, but dries very slowly, thus trapping the moisture next to your skin. Our innovative moisture wicking smart fabric absorbs both heat and moisture quicker than regular cotton, draws the moisture away from the skin, and evaporates quickly keeping your body temperature controlled all night. When you're hot, the fabric keeps you cool and when you're cold, the fabric will keep your body temperature just right. With Cool-jams you'll never feel too hot or too cold, always just right!
  •  Quick drying :  Cool-jams sleepwear dries 4 times faster than polyester, terry, velour or  regular cotton pajamas and twice as fast as other leading wicking pajama brands.
  • Feels Like cotton: Our micro-fiber moisture wicking smart fabric is unlike any other wicking pajama in the marketplace. Cool-jams are super soft with a silky cotton-like feel, even though the fabric is 100% micro fiber. Many wicking fabrics have a sticky polyester hand feel, but not Cool-jams. In fact, many of our customers tell us that Cool-jams are the most comfortable pajamas they have ever worn.
  •  Lightweight: Our pjs are made of the lightest and coolest microfiber you will find anywhere. They never feel thick and heavy like some sleepwear fabrics. The average weight of our pajamas is only 6-14 ounces(depending on the style/size).
  • Unsurpassed Quality Control:  Cool-jams has complete control over all aspects of our sleepwear production from weaving our fabric to stitching our pajamas. What better quality assurance could you have? Every Cool-jams garment is produced with quality in mind and passes multiple inspections and testing before it arrives at our warehouse.
  • Doctor recommended: More gynecologists and oncologists recommend Cool-jams for night sweats and temperature regulation than any other menopause sleepwear brand
  • Odor and bacteria resistant : Our special Bact-Out® antibacterial treatment keeps Cool-jams fresh and odor free. Learn more about the science of Cool-jams Sleep Technology.
  • Machine washable:  Cool-jams are machine washable and easy to care for. Wash in cold water, hang to dry and they'll be ready to wear in less than two hours.
  • Wrinkle resistant: Our pajamas pack beautifully and are resistant to wrinkling. 
  • Static-free: No static cling with Cool-jams. 
  • Shrinkage resistant: 100% shrinkage free. Cool-jams will never lose their original shape. 
  • Beautiful contemporary styling: Our team of designers are always working on new styles. Visit our product pages to see our beautiful contemporary collection of wicking pajamas and nightgowns. Why settle for frumpy when you can look great in Cool-jams Sleepwear?
  • Cool-jams Offers Temperature Regulating Bedding Products To Complement our Award Winning Sleepwear: For convenient one stop shopping, Cool-jams now offers very effective  temperature regulating bedding products. We've searched the world for the most comfortable and effective temperature regulating products and are proud to offer a complete selection of cooling mattress pads, temperature regulating sheets, cooling pillows and cooling blankets, and pillow cases.
  • Percentage of every purchase Goes to Charity: You can always feel great about every purchase you make at Cool-jams because we automatically donate a percentage of all profits to women and family oriented charities. Cool-jams, Inc. helps the world on a daily basis one order at a time. Click this link to learn more about our charitable giving.
  • International Shipping: Cool-jams has sold more wicking pajamas worldwide than any other wicking pajama brand. We ship to 150 countries around the world. If that isn't reason enough, see what our customers have to say.

Now that we've told you about our Cool-jams Sleep Products, read for yourself what our customers are saying... Cool-jams Customer Reviews

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Top Innovative Apparel
Award 2013 by Apparel Magazine

Works Better

Scientifically engineered to absorb and wick moisture and heat faster, dry quicker, and to have the most advanced natural antibacterial protection of any sleepwear tested. Cool-jams has indeed revolutionized the world of sleep with our performance fabric technology. Learn More

More Comfortable

Our innovative wicking performance fabric is more comfortable because it feels like silky soft, lightweight cotton. In fact, the more you wash your Cool-jams the softer and more comfy they get. Try them once and we're quite certain you'll never sleep in anything else again. Learn More

Best Quality

We've been making pajamas and bedding for over 20 years. We know how to produce high quality products that look great, feel good and work well. From television to magazines, it seems like everybody's talking about Cool-jams! Read More

Cool-jams proudly donates a percentage of every sale to charities helping women and children around the globe.